The New Revelation About Cellphones

The only way to absolutely prevent apps from running is…to take the battery out.


No storage device can be electronically altered in a failsafe mode to guarantee non-retrieval unless multiple passes are made, it is removed from (it being the actual heart, such as a hard disk disk), and the device itself physically harmed as much as possible.  It’s also a good idea to destroy the device itself, to prevent things like RAM you don’t about hanging around.


Studies done nearly ten years ago do show that memory that is only effective in a power-on mode…actually can retain information for at least a week.  There is no doubt at all that the NSA has done the necessary research.


Burn the tiny card in your cellphone if you are afraid of the data being compromised.  If you use a notebook, make sure to know if it’s been opened.  I had that happen, and threw the damned logbook off the ship in the midst of a violent typhoon; luck to finding it.  If you read the group of novels centered around Smiley/le Carre is the author you will learn a great deal, but more about attitude than technology.


Snowden’s problem is that he thinks he knows the mentality of the spy, but he’s sure that he knows what the spy’s masters are after and how they work.  I’m sure he uses the meaningless word terrorist.  The heroes of one country are the villains of another, and it won’t changed with our political setup as it is.  I am of course talking about the international one.  The rights or wrongs of the given country are always debatable and always debated.  There is no “good” government.  Even if all were kings they would be discontented, because there would be no one to whom to be superior.

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Crap Cleaner (CCleaner) Pro

The original title is the correct one; oddly enough it offended too many people.  I won’t go into the history and such quite yet.  If you don’t have CCleaner, try the free version.  If you don’t believe me, read the reviews.  It’s excellent.  It even empties your trash basket.


The Pro version is well worth buying; I would say “more than worth buying” which is a commonly used phrase except for one small problem, which is the phrase doesn’t mean anything.  I have used CCleaner since before there was a Pro version.  I have never had a problem with it on any version of Windows; I have used every version except 3.0 (never saw it, and it was pretty well scrapped before production–having used 3.11 I can guess why (3.11 didn’t work) and Windows 2000 (I was too broke).


That means it has never conflicted with Windows.  I’ve never even heard of it happening though I’m sure it has.  It originated with the idea of a safe sane program that would eliminate the crapware on new computers, thus the name.  Crapware is trial software on your computer, often which you wouldn’t buy, and often was difficult to remove.  [McAfee is a prime example of trial programs which are difficult to remove, although I believe they have supposedly removed that from the most current tribulations I mean trials.]  See footnote 1.


It also cleans the registry.  It also works well in combination with Advanced System Optimizer (this is a valid program; the similarly-named one is badware and you will pay more than once if you buy or try it) and System Mechanic.  It also won’t even be visible except as software to AV programs.  If it is, they are badware (I heard about that one third hand; it happens to be one of the first things some trojans and the like turn off).  There are various other features.  Like instant access to ALL your start programs, and easy uninstallation (except for programs like McAfee, oddly enough–that was well-designed).


I’ve never been paid a penny by the writers of CCleaner.  I have never looked up their home base, and I’ve had around 20 years to do it.  It started out as pure freeware.  I did freely advertise it.  Use the free version even if you don’t buy it; you won’t regret it.  The kinds of things that it automatically cleans speed up your browser and take care of some vulnerabilities. 


I currently use Avast! and will be switching to Vipre shortly, for a number of reasons.  One is that I’ve been attacked at least 5 times, which makes it unlikely that it’s random.


Footnote 1:  NEVER ACCEPT ANY TRIAL VERSIONS OF MCAFEE, EVER, EVER, EVER OR YOU MAY HAVE TO RESORT TO A COMPUTER SPECIALIST TO GET IT OFF YOUR COMPUTER.  On the good side, it’s just irritating and slows your computer.  Although this is merely my personal opinion, I doubt you could find a noncriminal expert who wouldn’t agree with me instantly.

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Morals, Merits and Protocols

There aren’t morals.  Many of our sexual practices actually go back to a time when condoms didn’t exist, which meant that venereal disease was incurable.  We even have record of that in statues of demons and suchlike; those born with venereal disease are by hearsay horribly disfigured.  And generally if not always incurable.  Mind you, I had tuberculosis which was incurable without knowing it; I found that out by turning out positive on a test entering boot camp, but I had the tubercules in my chest (just don’t burst them son or you’ll die; thanks)…and later I turned out negative.  Cured.  Yes, I’m sure there’s a record.  The point is that things happen which are supposedly impossible, not that I performed a miracle or anything of the sort.


Principles of ownership rest mainly on structuring a society.  Our society (which most call societies)  bears the mark of a world which was once somewhat densely populated.  It could not have been on the legendary first continent.  We have the ghosts of the tales; the armies of the blacks who laughed at the whites.  Some of the tales are so grand that perhaps it is no wonder no trace remains of them; any penny-bound and ratchet-minded white man could bear no such thing, any more than he could bear the thought of an unedited and uncontrolled Bible or for that matter more than one name for God or more than one version of the truth, from the Council of Nicea to Calvin.


The problem is that society rest exactly upon protocols, which rest in turn upon shared definitions and reactions.  The definitions, expressions and reactions are in many ways the same thing.  The problem here is how to modify that which seems to be becoming simpler as pondered upon.


Patterns lend valuation through protocol.  *Models.  *‘Factoids‘, the MEDIA’S beloved darling.  A stride, a smile, a sway combined with the correct wording and lighting and you have a million bucks or the conquering of a state. 


Remember that the true rich rarely if ever become visible.  That is not in the least accidental,  it is sheer and mere prudence.  I met two, one by accident and I’m quite sure he didn’t know I realized he was one.  I quite quickly exited and it was many years ago and in a foreign country.  Money does not know a thing about morals.  Morals are something that you follow as a label.  Honor is a private thing and best in my knowledge left unstated.  Any other step leads to inevitable misunderstanding.  Merits can have nothing to do with money, and are always relative.  And protocols are necessarily always formed upon the perspective of the one acting.  [Thank God for autosave, which in the early days of the Internet of course didn't exist.]  That perspective was taught and generally taught with the addendum that its validity couldn’t change; don’t adapt your perspective from what is taught.  Later this becomes don’t adapt your perspective unless the information is from an approved source.


At which point we’re bouncing between Wikipedia, CBS, WikiLeaks, and Cracked–with Cracked the most valid.


We have to learn quickly, although in some respects we’ve come a long way.  When I was 13 my parents wouldn’t allow me to go to college (before that I was punished for talking about it) because I needed some ‘social adaptation’.  They had no idea what I was talking about if I even mentioned any of my interests.  =I was supposed to listen.


Each two things you tell me tells me at least one thing more.  That in itself might but rarely does tell me a fourth–but the third thing you tell me will at least come close to telling me five, and the 4th most likely 7 and after that it’s in a nonplanar scheme.  I think many things I can’t say.  Very few people do that.  I can’t, um, ‘math’ them because there is no math for it.  ‘It’ being pure perception of patterns.  I’ve proved that one with machines.


And most people establish lifelong habits.  I read and I write.  Reading would be identifiable except I tend to used book stores and like cash.  I avoid libraries.  I can’t help it.  I was taught by the wrong people in circumstances that made me unable to forget the learning.


But then, my DD-214 doesn’t say ‘released by USN’.



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Mysearchdial malware

More than one browser and OS. (Firefox.)


Remember to search for user.js via Malwarebytes and simply delete it as well as PUPs even though some friendlyware like Advanced System Optimizer (exactly that name, by the way, and be careful of imitators) uses those objects.


Remember that you have to start over on all addons on Firefox.


Remember that someone with decades of experience managed to pick it up on a drive-by, and obviously one on a major site like Yahoo or one of its news sources.



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The definition of reality was once that of religion which was government.  Then supposedly government and religion split.  Somewhere around there government and the military did discover they were two distinct entities, just as with the advent of ‘democracy’ (which means non-inherited power) naked politics arose [the emperor no longer had to pretend, you see]; and with banks, retention of wealth without [pretension of] manners became justified.  Remember that the French nobility had to suddenly begin marrying commoners because they had become monsters.

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This is for Frank Schwab;


I grew up with and live in a valley which consists mostly of heavily prejudiced people.  First of all, you have to understand the underlying dynamic of racism, sexism and other sorts of discrimination; people feel threatened.  You can add that with the “black man” the Englishman’s prejudice began instantly–the earliest references were to subhumans which looked remarkably like humans.  I remember that so vividly because as a white child I wanted to kill the author.  But no matter. 


When I say they feel threatened, they have to feel superior to.  That’s half a rich man’s dynamic, after all.  Part of that (we’ll ignored all of the stuff I just implied, and yeah I meant it) means that you have to hold with “the guys” or naturally you’re on the other side.


So, Frank, to them you’re worse than usual, I should add.  You’re a traitor to the party.  Can you guess my attitude toward prejudice, or must I spell it out again?

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Post 2 on Ways to Encode Messages (“Unbreakable”)

This was currently used.  The MMPORG (Massive Multi Player Online Reality Game) offers several interesting niches for usage of variations on the book code.  For a definition of that see lesson one above.


From day to day, tasks and options may vary.  There are festivals and courses and fictional um, things you have to do in chains–I know lotsa fancy words, use your own.  For a period of time which can be predetermined the wording on these things won’t change.  This allows usage of a book code which has an inbuilt refreshment, something that humans are very bad at.  We prefer to use established protocols–habits.


These games even allow the formation of *timely groups that can be made nearly spy proof by insertion of something as simple as pre-determined word code involved with no less than “real” goals in some mini-mission.  *timely  PUG


The rapidity of appearance of acronyms suggests manipulation.


These have just recently become heavily monitored…

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