having learned silence,

how shall i learn to speak?

…for that matter; do i want to?

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Any absolute statement in a relative universe is automatically false–except one, that it’s relative.

That means when you draw the limits of a definition, for instance (when you use exclusive definitions, that is, and do not notice irrelevant ‘facts’–and can refuse to accept said facts (however, a ‘fact’ is a rather odd notion in these days of photo alteration software, not that there was another form ever used or anything).  You also tend to buy into a notion of linear causation, which actually does cause immediate, intermediate and longterm problems with any sort of attempt at a working philosophy.  Modernly, said philosophy would consist of a psychological, political, religious or social theory basically.  Openly religious people would insist on calling the  usage of it faith.  The others would contest any such usage hotly, saying that theirs is a science strictly of fact and therefore does not require belief.  This happened, again, recently, to me.  I forgot the economics majors, but I do lump them in with the political believers.  The first thing the sociologists, psychologists and political scientists (what a term) are supposed to do, incidentally, is avoid believing in political systems.  It is very historically evident.

I’ll end the day with a word.  It’s “expediency”.  Basically, it’s getting to the end as quickly as possible, from cutting in line to skipping a line or three in the assigned book to having a few people quietly killed so that one can get things accomplished.

I’ve noticed people who make absolute statements tend to have much less problem with expediency, from notion to usage.  I wonder if that’s coincidence.

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J. Rickards and the death of money

Jim Rickards and His Death Predictions

When I was finally able to get down to at least some of the ‘meat’ of what he was saying, I was rather astonished.  He’s been babbling about something that was predicted in the 1960s and 70s to occur; according to John Brunner it was to occur about 2000.  I bought in for around now; I’m positive I’m on (classified) record.  The Navy’s stand on that one is something like “We forgot or if we didn’t we don’t know how to remember and if we did we won’t so there.”  Kissinger as I recall thought about 2036.  The U.S. government said 2050+.

There is no currency in recorded history that has lasted forever, or anything like it.  The likelihood of our government existing for thousands of years, here, is at best minute.  Societies change and in fact they fall.  We’d better hope we get off the planet or it will get ruined; it’s a fifty-fifty whether it’s a “man-caused event” or something um natural.  There is one rock scheduled to make at least a close shave that’s gonna have a major impact even if it’s only that.  Somewhere 2036-2055 or something like that, I recall.  By close shave I mean at least inside the orbit of the moon.  As I recall, the size of Manhattan Island.  The reason I’m pretty sure about that is because the statement made no sense to me.  Tell me it’s the size of Mount Everest or something; that all-important third dimension was missing

So, anyway, both were predicted to happen sometime middle of this century, last century.  There was supposed to be a lot of work on getting out into space for mining and incidentally truly tracking the asteroids; I see no sign of it having happened, incidentally.  The dollar’s decline that we were predicting was only its pre-eminence, and it’s already lost that.  There were some necessary moves that resulted in it, and I simply can’t say more.  I may write an after-death   biography, but that’s all.  Or if it gets close enough and it could provide impetus.  This Rickards fellow is not trumpeting anything new.  For that matter, read Rachel Carson ‘Silent Spring’ and think about it even momentarily.

*I know “man-“ whatever is sexist but I fought sexist terms all my working life and didn’t do a damned thing, I’ll use the convenient form.  I’m old, tired and dying.

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For Easy E-Mail

Should I set an address up here at my domain?  If anyone cares they shall let me know; my intuition informs me.  I may do so anyhow.

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Steely Dan ‘Do It Again’

And the Vietnam War oh God the Vietnam War going to home on Chuo Hill to that say five thousand dollar stereo and playing that, playing The Wall, playing…other appropriate things…and

going back on watch

keeping their secrets, keeping all their fucking secrets, and…simply, quietly, secretly


No, that is not a poem, merely the remembrance of endless pain and I started as a teenager at that.  Do It Again, indeed.  Indeed.

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One of the things no one will warn you about if you start investing is that investing is a very emotional business, at least on the whole.  Essentially, the world is coming to an end each and every day (Armageddon), the new savior has just appeared (whether in person or as a company), the technology to save the world has just appeared and if you’ll just give $X why YOU WILL SAVE IT (and make yourself millions instantly), the technology to save the world is being misused and it will destroy the world [unfortunately entirely possible, as are the scenarios mentioned] and everyone is missing the point.  At the same time, the successful investors will tell you to forget the bullshit and and concentrate on material things.

1.  The stock market will crash.  It has never yet been successfully predicted by most of the stock market (on any stock market scenario in any country at any time we know of).  Of course, if it had been, it probably wouldn’t have been a crash.

2.  There are a number of absolutely indisputable causes for stock market crashes.  Unfortunately, many of them contradict each other, which means that some are inevitably correct.  Probably.  The true Murphy’s Law is this (and only this); “The universe is infinite, at least from the perspective of humans.  Humans aren’t and their plans aren’t.  There are an infinite number of things that can happen in any event line of any kind.  Any human plan is finite.  This means that utterly unforeseen things will occur and the people involved in them will have no idea of how to react” except to use the most famous tactic; blame it on the enemy.  If there isn’t an enemy, invent one.

3.  This is a nuclear age.  See (2) above.  Nuclear war will almost certainly occur on some scale.  The College has it at 3 minutes til midnight last I heard; I had it at 15 seconds but Putin backed off slightly and I’ll give you 45 seconds.  I am privy to information the College doesn’t have; I extrapolated very correctly beginning 45 years ago.

4.  The stock market is going to make you a millionaire!  See OICAX and BRK.B; funds do better.  The problem is that in the short term becoming a millionaire (even in years) you have more probability buying lottery tickets, playing cards and doing the gaming tables.  At least you’ll most likely have more fun.  The one word that I’ve never yet seen in an advertisement but know as essential is “patience”.  [I will say that IBD does at least indicate it and positively state you’ll have losses; so does Tison’s candlestick analysis at the start, although latterly he seems to emphasize some magical quality.  [Sorry, I don’t believe in that kind of magic.]

5.  The stock market is ONLY [stick in phrase, sentence, quality, whatever].  It isn’t.  It’s just as many things as there are people involved, and methods of success vary because for one thing the worth of stocks is lingually based, and part of a much more complicated sociopsychological system than anyone has cared or dared to try to study, partially because of the misstatements of behaviorism (humanism is equally offbase).

6.  In general, the WORLD IS COMING TO AN END.  No, the Vogons haven’t decided to make a highway through here yet.  And once again, it’s very unlikely that such an eventuality would be foreseen particularly since it would most likely be a collision between our planet as a gravity well and something we’ve hopelessly attracted (sort of a case of cosmic love, you see).

7.  And at the end and on a serious note…read a lot, study a lot, try to cut your losses as you see fit and with advice and you’ll probably profit some.  Perhaps you’ll profit a lot.  I have the majority of my investments in two rather large funds and do some speculating on the side, all of which is currently cut short except one company (I’ll venture into another one soon, maybe even today).  I did find out instantly that having my pride involved in my choices was the worst possible idea.

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Taking a Day off From the Internet (Internet Unawareness Day)

For me, the ‘Internet’ started about 1980, in the days of DOS (not MS-DOS).  The idea of taking a day off has always come easy except for that hellish time when I was a leader of a virtual faction, castle and all (RoM and figure out the correct terms yourself; it was a useful study of virtual reality as it existed and of peoples’ behavior based on virtual appearance and a need to be known).

It was hard to take a day off because I was ‘born’ with a sense of duty.  Only while I was Guild Leader.

I haven’t even read the news, I’m not sure how my stocks are doing, the world seems to continue.  Have a nice day.

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