“I should feel guilty”

Now I know why I used to say that, and what it hid.


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To David Bowie

Strange Changes and Shattered Truths (to David Bowie)

why is it that
when i strive to remember you
it is only your face i recall?

or perhaps it is that form

has at last
come to govern function,
the eyes’ knowledge of surfaced reflections become
sheer truth, and all
there is.

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The Preservation of Power and Its (Ultimate) Importance

Our thought for the day is quite simple.


At the first testing of the atomic bomb they (from scientists to government) weren’t entirely sure that it (the test alone) wouldn’t destroy the entire earth.  Ponder this a moment.


This is the first translation.  A nation was willing to destroy the ‘earth’ (its only planet of habitation) in order to ensure that someone didn’t come to power.  There is no doubt that it would have been horrific.  My researches before joining the Navy (including The House of Krupp) led me to believe that some people we would never imagine sought alliance with Hitler, but let’s not dwell on that and the past sins of England and the United States.  Oops.


The second translation is simpler.  Our species was willing to destroy itself in order to prevent this event.


This is just the best example of the sentiments attached to war and something called “patriotism” which is an odd word because it means (like “love”) so very many, often opposing things.


Oh, and by the way–we’re an intelligent species.  The only one on Earth.  You know, the one contributing vigorously to global warming.  And we’re the only intelligent species on the planet!!  God, I’m so proud!

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The Courtroom Oath

I have sworn more than once to tell “the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth…”  Gaud, Gode, Goode and a host of others were to assort me as I recall.

My true reply is as follows.

“Our personal perspective is formed through values and concepts.  This command [to tell the TRUTH] assumes all of them can be expressed in terms of words, and that simply isn’t so.  You know it isn’t; you’ve known it since you were a child, before you knew words.

“I cannot begin to approach saying what I perceive and feel each moment, nor can you.  To pretend to do so is itself a lie, and most of all to oneself–and leads only to being shackled by illusions.

“Nor can I set bounds around it.  I believe everything and nothing at all; I was trained to do so.  And belief must I think be the first defining characteristic of that very complex thing you would term simply truth.

“Do not at least as yet charge me with contempt, Your Honor.  I have spent my entire life, you see, in search of just that: Truth.

“And the closest I can come is…silence.‟

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On Donald Trump As Symbol

With each stage of language, it seems, there is an associated stage of society.  Ours is a society which tends toward civilization, city-based repositories of ‘knowledge’ and with associated necessities*.  With each stage of language there is an associated stage of possible concepts.  With each stage of [either] there is an extended set of associated protocols.  Although that is strongly implied that was not implicit within the preceding statement.  On the individual level this allows expotentially greater knowledge and ‘wiser’ decisions (I would have to go into this at length to begin to define what I mean, assume that I mean decisions which within the context of the perceived society are pro-survival).


On the formal social level, this allows for decreasing knowledge and increasingly more foolish decisions.  Since I can’t defend the statement I would expect to be attacked, although the patterns even within flash media make this obvious.  This is the level of government.  On the media- allowed social level, it allows only for those who capture the most attention.  On the whole, this means that blithering idiots are in power.


Since our society is our language, Donald Trump would seem to be the gauge of our (non-existent) social sanity.


Plainly put, guys, we’ve fucking lost it.

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Conventional Psychology and Sociology

Conventional sociology and sociology have one major weakness from the start.  Let’s start with Freud and his subject-matter at the start.  He counseled phthisic women and generalized it to laborers.  Mind you, he did dilute his thoughts about the dreams and rigidly suppressed needs with deliberations about himself.

There is a slight weakness here.

Modernly our pundits begin with surveys and data from the correct places. The incorrect places (and thus the incorrect drives and needs) simply don’t exist.

This isn’t something that should be surprising.  Most of the foundations of the modern school of thought (so-called) are quite clearly based in reasoning that preceded the modern sequence of centuries–it’s “B.C.‟, that is.  At the moment you go from realizing you’re naming something to knowing somehow that the name must indicate something inherent in what is named…you’re proceeding down the path to damnation.  The moment that “black‟ means “evil‟–the moment that a word holds a whole judgment and inescapable action–one has become truly a social being, truly incapable of making an independent moral judgment and deriving your existence from belonging to “what isn’t black‟.  Or, maybe, to even a more strictly defined group.

This rather intelligent-seeming article has one major problem.  A great many of the so-called millenials haven’t even managed to acquire steady jobs, because they don’t exist, don’t collect unemployment (therefore they don’t exist), can’t collect welfare, don’t pay income taxes…and (when they allow themselves to think about it even momentarily) are becoming steadily more desperate.

How in the world could I know?  I, though I worked, spent a lot of my life studying these non-existent people, how they worked and didn’t, and what their aspirations ended up being.  Unfortunately, I eventually made too much money and was too obviously not a part of the crowd.

When you live in a rural part of the country where you might as well not exist (and no, the census doesn’t catch everyone because some people are born under the radar and stay there, or others just gradually fade from its cognizance) oddly enough spare work doesn’t tend to exist.  Gold panners are one sector of society that makes money and may or may not do so ‘legally’.  Note that this also amounts to saying that unless you exist legally (and pay taxes) you don’t have the right to live.  Our modern sociology, psychology and for that matter–religion and patriotism–are tied very tightly to that assumption.  If you don’t produce, you don’t really have the right to live.

Think I’m criticizing you?  Think not, I am part of that society.  I narrowly have right to live.  I’m disabled.  As one of the disgruntled wealthy pointed out fairly recently, that puts me “on the dole‟.  It’s veteran’s disability, which is hard to get, and that jibe was footnoted where veterans would see it; I wonder what sort of responses he might have had.

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Electronic Vice Mechanical Watches, And Class

November 20, 2015

First let me say that I consider this to be inevitable.  I’ve been wrong before, but this is based on the tendencies of those who wish to consider themselves the elite, the percentage of one percent.  Their first impulse thus is to–attempt to be contrary to the mob, the pack, whom they generally will term “the herd‟ and “sheep‟.

Those are inept terms.  The herd does not rend and kill; only the pack does that.  It’s conceivable that there are those among us who could be aptly characterized as part of the herd; oddly enough most wear suits.  If they dared enter the pack they would be either fodder or bait, most likely the latter.  One of them characterized me as collecting welfare because I’m a disabled veteran; I tried to post that here and succeeded on Twitter.  I wonder how he’s doing; I haven’t heard from him since.  Veterans can be a nasty lot.  I’ve wandered.

Apple, Google and Lord knows who might have come out with their clever electronic versions of watches.  They even keep absolutely accurate time!  That was a true innovation around 1973 when a friend of mine got one of the very first LED watches for far, far too much money.  I simply cannot see the virtue of a watch that is a phone, but I’m dubious about phones.  Cell phones are an abomination, a mix between party lines and suicidal idiots who always have the right of way.  (Party lines were a sort of phone connection, not a drug.)

There are also a great many people who actually like mechanical watches, or even would-be clever watches like the automatic kind, which merely wind themselves.  Some, like those of Stauer, even manage to be [extremely] affordable and still have quality.  Bear in mind that they are just not to be compared somehow to even Bulovas, Citizens or Seikos. [Bear in mind too that there are extremely high-priced examples of each that by report are well worth the money; certainly the low to mid-range ones are.]

Somehow the Apple Watch, even in GOLD and encrusted with diamonds…doesn’t compare with a Stauer Automatic, let alone (say) a Movado Zenith.  These are relatively inexpensive watches–the very most expensive of the first is from 1K USD to 25K (there are sales, it’s a genuine tourbillon); the second is generally valued at around 2.5K USD from what I can find.  The modern automatic movement watch has the movement visible from the back as well, which means a lot of intricate gears with the jewels, yes, noticeable.  In fact, they’re bigger than some of the diamonds sold as jewelry in department stores.  Mind you, the jewels found in watches tend to be synthetic, especially the big one that’s the crystal.

At the very same time that there is a movement toward the blue-toothed contingent (and bionic entrance into IoT, so to speak, with all its perils intact), there is going to be what amounts to a retro movement.  A great deal of it will simply have to do with the beauty of a mechanical movement in a watch as opposed to a battery and very few mechanical elements if any.  (Most have some, if only to adjust the time.)

As a personal note, I wouldn’t have one of the nouveau watches.  Each to their own, hers or his.

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How to Keep a Neat Desktop Program List (All Windows Versions)

Some easy tricks with Windows that only started with the neat Program List.

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