“I should feel guilty”

Now I know why I used to say that, and what it hid.


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Writing (The Agenbite of Inwit, perhaps?) Frenetically

That–the writing part, that is–is what I’ve been doing.  Not e-mail, which I increasingly regard with dubiety (since it’s impersonal almost without exception) nor cruising the net.  My cat is even feeling neglected.

One part of writing is that soldier (or whatever participant and in whatever War) who is lost within it–confused within that very common problem we orphans have of finding any sort of identity.  Note I didn’t say “combined” nor did I mean to do so.

I’m also working toward publishing poetry for the first time in forty years.  It’s daunting to start.

I’m also considering if I should try for college especially since given the statistics I shouldn’t hope for a whole lot longer.  However, the company would be nice and would distract me nicely me from the constant pain.

The painkillers will never increase in this country.  I bet I can’t leave this country unless I divorce my wife or she’s dead.  She has finally said differently, but it would be very hard for her.  Going to Canada would also mean leaving my cat in one way or another I’m rather sure.  Since she’s crushed if I go for too long a drive, it would mean putting her to sleep.  14 years is a long time for a pet, and I think she’s earned her place.

As far as the pain goes, well, it’s more than I can stand.  Now think about that, and my alternatives.

Wish me luck.

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Briefly Set-System Relationships

A system has complex* relationships rather than simple relationships between units of the set* which comprises it. That complexity is the difference. Otherwise it would basically be a set representing a set. A system has rules and is probably always artificial (for our purposes, mind). A set is a defined group of items whose only necessary relationship is that they be defined as related. A system meant to describe a set can be simple or complex because it may or may not have rules about relationships between its components. *A complex relationship would be capable of class recognition; a simple relationship in a representative set would mean…there would be as many members in the set used to represent as in the set represented, and that there would be only one relationship between members of the representative “system”–representing the given set. A set is a bunch of things, sort of like “Just (a) Bunch Of Disks” or “JBOD” in computer lingo and talking about drive setup. A system has those complex relationships I mentioned.

That’s one note for today, and hopefully it will leave you thoroughly confused. There is more to it (there should be; that tidbit represents 40 years of dedicated thought and 10 in particular about set-system relationships).

These definitions don’t relate to mathematical operations and are roughly my own.

I really do promise not to overdo posts like this.  I just had to prove I am really doing something.

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Facebook Disconnect–Stop Facebook Tracking You

Ever wonder how much Facebook is tracking you?  This isn’t so much to answer that question (it’s quite a bit) as to…prevent it from happening.  That makes it easy to answer and a number I can easily understand.  Seems to work, too.  By the way, that one isn’t that I’m paranoid (I officially am) as that it’s pretty well open news that Facebook tracks you.  For your own good, of course.  Or something.

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This is a nice short one.  One of the very first and I meant the very first means of communicating on the Internet after those cursed bulletin boards was Prodigy, which is unmentioned in Wikipedia and the like.  Those delightful people reserved unto themselves the right and chore to peer through your e-mails to make sure there was nothing objectionable (nor, I’m sure, salacious, and I’m sure too that hankies came with the job, pun intended thankee).  Users (I was a user) agreed to it.  They might terminate your rights to usage if you didn’t…do whatever.  Not excite them too much.  It was over 20 years ago, after all.

You guys have little worries about privacy?  Geeze.

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Computer Slower Since Win 10? This Might Help


Well, Win 10 botted it.

To stop this…go to settings, Update & Security, Windows Update, Advanced Options, Choose How Updates Are Delivered…and there is the option to turn off getting TOR type deliveries of updates from the internet.

Why would you do that?

How long will it be until someone manages to use this to make a real bot network.  I of course ascribe pristine principles to Microsoft.

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Artificial Intelligence and Its Threat

Its first blurry visions came in an age where computers existed by virtue of vacuum tubes.  Responses as I recall them were in terms of long seconds (long as in it might be more than one).

Observe that the primary threat has taken place and is enlarging.  As is, a person’s value is in terms of property, ‘real’ and social–money, stature (as in titles so you don’t have to work), wages, position on various social ladders especially as defined by work…and all of this except the money and stature are immediately threatened.  They were trying out replacing highly-paid surgeons with machines at John Hopkins about a decade ago.  There are robot workers on cars.  I’m not great at endless lists, so…

This means there is an increasingly large number of people whose identity is being displaced.  There almost has to be a growing population of actually unemployed who are actually sliding down that hopeless ladder I mentioned.  The stature that was job-acquired is gone.  I read an article last year that addressed the fact that someone who works at MacDonald’s lives with another wage-earner.  Does this add a perspective to people who stay in abusive relationships?  I’m not talking about palaces here.

With respect to available work there is a growing population of workers–even for jobs which don’t by themselves supply enough for survival.  I believe MacDonald’s managers do make enough to survive if they’re careful.

AI is displacing jobs and it will do so at an exponentially increasing rate.

Our society (the ‘Western’ world) doesn’t tolerate either shanty-towns or the homeless.  It frowns on communes.

Government benefits are being frowned upon by the same ones who will be frantic in a few years in the lower class–the poor–the ones who make less than $25K USD at least are poor.  It would take money now.

Final note, the historical solution to political unrest (like rioting in the streets over hunger or for that matter murder–multiplied each time it is covered) is war.  The one way we would present a real and present danger to the AIs would be if we set off a nuclear bomb or three and caused EMF events.  An electro magnetic frequency event would be the blast of multi-spectra emissions caused by such an explosion.  It would pale any voltage surge.  If it appeared that nuclear war were imminent right now, it would be very interesting to see what occurred.

What we are doing right now appears to be heading directly toward nuclear war.

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About Owning a Home Instead of Renting a…Place

First of all, if you go with a home security monitoring service, make sure you’re not locking into a contract, as you would with ADT.  (Admission:  I’m locked into a contract with ADT, so my opinion of them is undoubtedly distorted.  Obviously they’re a fine, great business.  More obviously I’ll be glad when my three years–rather, 75% minimum thereof–is over.  Another admission is that I have PTSD so I’d better quit talking about it.)

This is a pretty good article about the pros and cons of owning a home, actually.  It doesn’t mention that value of a home is completely relative and that buying a home as an investment is ridiculous.  It’s exactly on a level with buying a home in company with one’s spouse in the knowledge that if the spouse predeceases you then the home is yours (the mortgage is completely paid) and therefore knowing* that you’ve made an immense profit.  On the whole buying houses as investment unless they are not bought with the intent of using them as homes in the long term is an idea not likely to work well.  Home mortgages are long-term.  Mine is 30 years, which is standard.  I’ll be looking into refinancing soon I’m sure; I’m also pretty sure I won’t do any better, which means almost all of my payments are…finance, of course.

If I rented it that would take care of the payments, which would leave the matter of maintenance–which is rather different in the matter of townhouses, but I shan’t go there.

The relative value of building, home, ‘house’, whatever needs to be investigated relative to the possibility of a bubble, and examined very closely, if one is buying in order to rent out in order to…  The death of said bubble is the death of the profit at least momentarily.  Payments don’t go down when value does, which is why I was able to buy relatively cheaply in an expensive neighborhood, I’m sure.  I’m not depending on the value of the property for anything, except perhaps a walkaway option should it become necessary.  I made a huge down payment preparing for just that.

Before you buy please think closely about all the things I’m “hinting”.  For one thing, “relative value” means that the value today will not match that of an uncertain tomorrow.  The question is when the change comes and whether it’s favorable or negative.  It will change.

As far as ADT goes I mentioned that primarily for one reason.  You’re going to make some bad decisions, too.  Try not to lack yourself into contracts, and try to make sure to avoid contracts you might not be able to afford.  I find this very irritating.  That’s all.  For another person, this or another contract could be that final straw decimating the camel’s back.

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