“I should feel guilty”

Now I know why I used to say that, and what it hid.


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Politicians LOVE Power

About Politics

This is going to be fairly simple.  I just went into a fairly long piece about ISIS that I may even publish here sometime but it wasn’t to the point.

A while ago I said that politicians want power.  Actually, that’s not true of most.  They want to further a point of view; they’re evangelists of one sort or another, except nearly all worship some sort of ideal.  At least the average politician also wants to be famous.

From what I’ve observed most of the ones who are corrupt become corrupted.  They can’t resist that hundredth bribe or that thousandth.  They take the house renovation.

The actual rule of politics is expediency.  The other name for expediency is rationality.  If you insist on going only your way not everyone will cooperate and things don’t get done.  “You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t” because if you don’t cooperate (and allow Joe’s rider on your bill, or promise assistance once that’s illegal–and you do have to do it) then they won’t.

Government and morality cannot fit in the same bed.  A “justice system” and justice are not bedmates either.  The Justinian Code is essentially following precedents.  If a judge decided a similar matter before you are required to take that into account, or at least cite it, essentially (that’s extremely simplistic, since there are varying views and corresponding rules on about anything you could imagine).  A judge doesn’t quote the Bible; it’s inadmissible.  Laws are admissible.  Evidence is (if it meets the rules of evidence…).

So, no saying that politicians want power is basically a joke.  That doesn’t mean I’ll quit saying it.  You’ll notice I haven’t said a thing about the military or associated agencies.  Maybe some other time or life.

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Here is Something to Righteously Ruin a Day

Here is a man who makes Rush Limbaugh look reasonable and friendly.  Maybe the main thing to note is that the Republican politicians gleefully took his money until the limelight shown upon them in a way they didn’t like.

He married a Jewish businessman’s widow and is now avowedly pursuing White Supremacy while showing the absolute worst side of any society.  If a society calls any human inhuman for other than their own acts (and even that is more than questionable, if a human did it)–that society is criminal.

Please read the story.  I don’t ordinarily think much of Yahoo’s reporting but this is a definite difference.

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Windows 8.1 Error 70080005 Unable to Update Windows

This may seem an odd article for me, but it’s actually not.  I’m merely reluctant to say anything about computers because of experience.  I am an expert on nothing.  I’m merely knowledgeable, very good at researching, easily frustrated and able when absolutely necessary to (for instance) think like a programmer.

This error has arisen after Windows 7 (for Windows 7, refer to the Microsoft article for this error).  In Windows 8.1 (I assume in Windows 8 also but I cannot prove it) it’s because someone chose to download and install ALL updates automatically.  Yes, I do mean optional updates as well as the important, essential ones.  At least generally you’re also logged in as a user who does not have administrative privileges.  I’ll repeat that.  You’re not logged in as Admin.

Log off.  Make sure that Windows doesn’t trick you again into logging on as a non-admin user.

FIRST, modify the settings on Windows update so that nothing is being installed automatically (you can change it back later, but don’t have either important or optional updates installed automatically for now).  For safety’s sake, Restart.

Go back and check.  Just for safety’s sake.  See if somehow there are any that have been missed.  You can put auto-install on important updates even though it’s not recommended (because sometimes they need to be installed separately for a restart between more than one)–unless you have to do so (for someone else) it’s not a good thing for optionals.  You can get a computer that won’t boot, and unless you have multiple computers (got a cell phone? then you do) you can be in quite a spot.

Why did I bother to post this?  As far as I can tell this is the only place it’s posted on the Internet for this version of Windows.  It took me around 15 hours I’d guess before I figured it out.  (No, I didn’t try to constantly think about it, my mind–given that I have one–simply doesn’t work that way.)

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I’ve Discovered I’m Racially Prejudiced!

…I can’t stand whatever races which include Kim Kardashian (or whatever her real name is) and Justine Biebers (or whatever his? real name is).

OMG I’ve just been informed I’m of the same race!!

Oh, hell, I’m prejudiced against myself again.  How can I stone myself?  (No, not that.  Good grief.)  I mean, throwing rocks from a distance at oneself will take a bit of figuring.  If you have any suggestions let me know…

You really thought the misspelling was a mistake?

I wish I hadn’t found this image, it will haunt me all night.

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Ever wonder who thought of the idea of: let’s get them to buy something equivalent=provide the people on the phone (or people ordering from the internet, the self-customer so to speak) the list of said items?

Me.  I did it in 1999 at Harry and David and the idea was taken over by Micki Weaver.  If she would like to sue me for saying that, she’ll lose and I’ll make money.

That is a very concrete example of an idea of mine.  I don’t actually know how I could have turned it into money.



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Now That Election Time Is Here Again, Here Again

Let us pause and reflect upon Mr. Weiner.

I think, perhaps, we should memorialize him as the greatest of all politicos.  After all, he just came out and admitted it.  He’s a dick.  I mean…

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About Downloading Stuff From the Aw[e]ful Inter[or tra]net AND ONLINE SCANNERS

I included intranet simply because I’ll for the moment incorrectly label that part of your VL (Virtual Life, the other is RL=Real Life, although gamers currently prefer VR/RL) which is your friends (including your unknown internet friends), family and any others you generally trust.  Unwisely.


i intend to review them too.  However there are finite hours in the day and it took at least ten minutes to post this.  Site time.

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