Some Forthoughts (Forwards?) never mind I got it; “FORE!!)

A society is a structured group among beings at least somewhat organized and that’s done with language. In all cases we know the proximate cause was need occasioned by too dense a population (of similar beings) with respect to the supplies available.

That’s the first thing because I wanted to get that written down as one of the possible beginnings I pondered with respect to yet another attempt at the ‘same’ book. I can’t fidget anymore. I’m dying. Don’t begin to feel sorry for me; Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome 7 has had me in constant pain since I was 30. At least when the epilepsy started it wasn’t hard to identify, nor was the PTSD even before the first claim was filed, in fact long before I got out of the Navy. It’s gotten worse with every day. I also shattered my left shinbone in a motorcycle accident which was set crooked and twisted by the VA (due to the PTSD and not an interesting story).

I attempted suicide a number of times. It accomplished a whole lot! Every time I fucked myself up a bit more and didn’t come close to succeeding.

Whatever whomever knows me, rejoice! I’m getting my just deserts, whether you prefer reward for me or punishment, it will be both.


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An Interesting Picture

As I said, I once worked for the NSA. You may have to hunt for that…

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When a thing gets confused with its name

Little hope remains.

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Steps Toward Relativity

The assignment of meaning using language1 is both flawed and necessary.

However, it has one fatal flaw. It is at best clumsy with any completely new subject, particularly one that is physical but of an ‘indeterminable’ object, process or valuation.-69*

1  The superset of language is a representational system. The set itself is such a system devised with one purpose intended; communication. It evidently–pardon me, in the few cases we’ve observed the transition to “formal’ [perceptible by humans] of that given set–began with necessary group activities, from killing huge beasts to ascribing (for instance) all possible allowable activity. If it is a language in actual use (not a ‘dead’ language) this means that it is relativistic because in this area that’s adaptation’s name and because if it weren’t it would implicitly be to the detriment of rather than the establishment and maintenance of life, societal definition and a few thousand other such things.

That 69 thing is funny and inane; I won’t remove or repeat it. It should have been superscript 1, of course.

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Heroin and Japan

Your specs for Japan on heroin are not very accurate because the Japanese government tries to absolutely control any drugs viewed as addictive. I don’t think you lived there. I did.

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About Richard Nixon and Donald “Donny” Trump

Nixon largely wasn’t delusional, except in thinking what power could accomplish despite rationality. He was sane enough that when a rational exit from the Vietnam War was presented to him, he immediately took it. I think that he simply wasn’t educated/intelligent enough to accept a list of things that had to be done to avoid and avert a nuclear war because of China, Mao and Kissinger’s “Sleeping Giant” analogy and associated protocols, which were largely aggressive/hostile; protocols based on territorially-based fear, which is something at the very basis of language [communication-centered representative systems devised and maintained for the purpose of group or at least “largely” controlled actions by setting definitions and consequent valuations and maintaining their stability–generally to the point of extension into legality. I’m still bemused once in a while, wondering where Nixon’s point of balance, means of determination of correctness of course, value system in terms of expectable consequences to given actions, method of determination of correct protocols and procedures–where that was or could have been. It took no pressure for him to accept the explanation of why it would be utterly proper to simply end the war while noting (in his speech announcing the ending) something along the lines that ‘honor would be preserved for both sides’–instead, he used the exact wording of the military enlisted man who was the origin of that short note–after having been warned in the same note not to use that wording. For one thing, a very important one, “face” is simply not “honor”; that was used solely for explanation. Nixon also acted on advice; whether or not he did so properly is another matter.

Trump is irrational. This was startlingly evident in the days of his television show and in many tales of his past, present and future. He is incapable of empathy; I don’t think that can be said of Nixon, who was simply a weak man put in a basically impossible situation. The war had been won. Had the winner declared it, at the same time that nation would have implicitly declared itself an imperialist power. Instead, there was a continuing search for years for a rational way out.

At the beginning Trump openly searched for a way to legitimately use nuclear weapons (roughly, “What are they for if you don’t use ’em?” to paraphrase his attitude). It appeared to me that he discussed with Putin what his means of retention of power might be in the U.S. I’ve seen no other mention of this, so I’m broaching that matter in exactly that way; it could well have been misapprehension on my part. That his modern heroes did in fact secure retention of power leads me to suspect I could have been correct. It does not lead me to believe that I am. For one thing, the minor research I’ve done on the man indicates he is irrational, not least because of his father and consequent upbringing. To cast aspersions for that on him (the victim) is verging on irrationality itself. However, isolation from holding power in any way for him ever again–is strongly indicated. Behaviorism itself [determinism by means of clearly indicated ’causes’ as delineated according to a course of belief commonly termed ‘knowledge’] indicates that after a certain point it is nearly impossible for an individual [beginning on the multicellular animal level, at the very least] to act against training that equates to survival protocols. Again, he isn’t to be blamed. If anything Donald Trump and his followers are to be pitied…if, that is, they don’t succeed in overwhelming our bastions of the somewhat-sane. Should they, nuclear war is expectable as a minor first effect.

State schools rewrite history, yes. Why has it apparently occurred to no one that belief-centered schooling (religious and extremist political groups, basically), sheltered from any scholastically-centered [“academic”] studies is virtually guaranteed to have many more errors than anything which is even loosely centered about the empirical method? The moment the word “proof” occurs, the “scientific” method has entirely been abandoned. Hypothesis>Theory>FULL STOP. Even if you could be present at every occurrence of a given event or sequence of events, and the prediction offered by means of the given theory was correct each and every time–that would not constitute “proof”. You cannot separate cause and effect. In fact, “cause” itself is a theory. The pool ball “wants” to go toward its target, it isn’t caused to do so; prove I’m wrong.

At the wrong end of the cosmos (that’s irony, folks), come people like Donny. Mr. Trump may be more properly viewed as victim rather than ghoul or perpetrator. I don’t know, to be honest. What I do know is that he’s dangerous, and worse than that proud of it. From personal experience, that last is good for no one. I really feel sympathy for him, but I’d be as likely to show it to him as I’d be to show it to a rattlesnake or Komodo Dragon. Donald would interpret sympathy or empathy only as weakness, because he’s been trained that way.

His attraction to others is precisely that of a sideshow at a circus, and as meaningful. However, the success of his attraction is exactly as horribly meaningful as was the attraction of Hitler. Note the homicidal tendencies of his followers, to boot. That he should have come to power ranks exactly with Dunkirk as to the species-ending capabilities of the “media”–those who make their living by amplifying anything which might catch attention, endlessly, at ever-increasing volume and ever-decreasing judgement or even sanity.

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An Update and Then…to Progress

I’ve been rather silent. I spent 10 months in motels while owning and paying for a townhouse (so that my wife [now ex, thank God] could live in her accustomed style, more or less). I lost 2 computers over that time–Hard Drive crash and then physical crash (dropped) on my nice Dell AIO and then there was the HP/Compaq ex-military one that lost the hard drive and right now won’t even power on. It was an inexpensive refurbished one, though; no bitterness here.

The divorce is over. She got over twice I did out of the settlement. I’m not in debt, and I had enough left over after settling MY credit cards to buy a travel trailer for $8,000 in cash. I can’t begin to claim I have the faintest idea of what her finances are or were in light of the fact that when divorce proceedings began her indebtedness was at $52,000 (roughly) and at the end of the proceedings at about twice that with undeclared debts. Don’t presume that this is notice of my making a decision as to the validity or worth of her various decisions, because I simply don’t comprehend her system of valuation and consequent assigned protocols. I can’t judge her daughter because I simply don’t know her; I willingly admit that this is largely due to a decision of mine decades ago that I would not under any circumstances involve myself in a social or quasi-social venue with her. Thank God.

I’m going to add a short squib that signals the attempted direction of the rest of this blog.

Language is a representative system. The most special and definitive thing about it is that it is a representative system designed solely for quick and fairly reliable communication. It looks like for us (homo sapiens, so to speak) that was to allow group coordination on the slaughter of many small or a few large sources of protein/meat. This allows coordination along with the presentation of valuations (by means of lingual definition of a given ‘object’) that basically imposes a series of protocols.

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About Upgrading to Pro from Home (win)

I don’t want to cut-and-paste the article for a number of reasons. If you have Home and do the $99 upgrade to Pro, and your “product number”–always located on the bottom, so things are nice and easy–suddenly becomes invalid, read this carefully and try it. The generic product number there worked for me. My product number was on a newly-bought (and recently made, theoretically–no, hypothetically, sorry) HP computer. I just now used the one given there, and I’m no longer being harassed by that message on all screens except streamed stuff, “Your Windows product number is invalid, please correct”. That isn’t the exact message except in meaning.


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1 Crude Joke

“Dad, I don’t understand what hemorrhoids are.”

“A real pain in the ass.”

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An Update

First of all, I believe the divorce is actually finally ending. I may still be being billed by Avista, which is rather odd. I live in a ‘travel trailer’ now and the gas is bottled. Of course, I also got billed by Ashland, Oregon Recology for the latest 2 months after having closed the account on October 31 and explicitly stating that I wasn’t responsible for gas to that address. I cannot safely name the location, of course. US Cellular has a policy that anyone with their own name on their phone along with the ‘owner’–the one paying the bills is the only thing that means–can modify any or all aspects of said account without notifying the bill-payer of said account. For instance, the two people of whom I am thinking did ‘upgrade’ their phones and good ol’ USC sophonts* never notified me of the change and didn’t ask if I’d allow it. I will give my ex-wife this: she made a lot of attempts to get her phones off my account and thus terminate my responsibility for her antics with the phone lines. Mind you, Bobert her attorney [yes, that is a deliberate misspelling of his name] had encouraged her with many of her activities. I could spot the exact time that she started getting into my safe after about the third month of divorce proceedings. Her attorney had it and it was the only copy I had. She had started taking things piecemeal from that safe, and I had to an extent actually trusted her. In the event, trusting her was a horrible mistake and almost got me killed a number of times. I was standing at my bedroom door one day and she started trying to do something with it, and she twisted directly into my path (well, spun; she quite certainly can’t twist at this date) [where I was standing and had been], knocked me down the stairs (while weight hardly corresponds to muscle, it does to inertia and inertia can be transferred [play pool any time] and I weighed something like 120–when I got to the hospital I was a stable 107@–); I survived only because I knew where the railing was that I nearly pulled free from the wall as I…successfully grabbed it and prevented the rest of the fall. She did not evidence awareness of the event. Said event was rather loud to me and I’m very deaf without hearing aids.

*sophont exactly corresponds to the word currently used for someone with high intelligence who learned formally and then kept learning at least nearly their entire life. John Brunner used the word a lot, I can’t recall it, it is in rarefied circles still in use [sciences that use it; psychology, philosophy, sociology and more rarely the so-called ‘hard scientists’.

@a small part of that was not attributable to her, since after I underwent treatment for a 50-year-old walking pneumonia case which proceeded to kill off all my intestinal flora and fauna (that includes e coli, btw) I went to another hospital where I nearly died before they could manage to repopulate my intestines [start taking acidophilus by the way]. Mind you, people with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type 7 at late 66 and 67 are ‘walking’ rather rapidly toward death. I imagine you know what I have.

When I was finally progressing toward release on the latter, I got my notification of release, it had become more sophisticated and included an unsafe environment–I was also in the first stage of the divorce my ex-wife instigated–and I realized that living with her and her daughter was indeed dangerous. For instance, my ex-wife had me on what amounted to a ketone diet. I can’t digest protein for metabolic purposes, which means I have grave problems producing collagen, which is what contributes to formation and maintenance of protein related structures in the body. Muscles, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, skin, the brain and nervous system, the eyes, the hair, the blood vessels [I’ve said it before variously but, THE HEART]. Oh, and nails. In fact, I bet if I sat here and meditated I’d find most of the body is composed of protein.

I’m 67, still walking. Most people with the syndrome at level 7 stop walking around 50 because they can’t stand the pain. I just can’t stand the thought of living in a wheel chair or even being only partially ambient, which is one of the reasons I hate having to use a cane. I’ve been unable to find one who did last to 70 or past it. The pain is unbearable except I’m OCD untreated and concentration can blank out all.

I started the year with 2 hospital visits that I’ve just detailed, progressed to divorce proceedings before I got out of the second hospital visit, and proceeded to live in motels for 10 months, while paying all the utilities on the address I didn’t frequent let alone live in any longer, plus of course mortgage and Home Owner’s Association monthly dues [$2700 more or less], giving her $400 a month for shopping–paying the insurance while her child could drive the car after she totaled her last one–and of course the $1200 a month that the cheapest motels worked out to and all that on $4400 a month, of course including food. Not that that even now seems to work out mathematically.

She frequented my safe and I was too stupid to be aware of it.

She used my cards without permission while we were undergoing divorce. I hope she sues me for libel. There’s information at the bank on it and both lawyers saw it. Just as I can finally say that someone who totted up debts totaling about $200,000 in 4 or 5 increments over the years and then had accrued $42,000 more, which turned into a hundred thousand [including $20,000 in debts accrued over…yeah, you guessed it; 2 months!] and then some amount more and she told me she didn’t include all her debts…is probably not totally trustworthy. On anything. At any time. Or in any way.

I didn’t name her. It wouldn’t be hard to find out.

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