This is an inspiring story. There’s also a big “However…”

It’s great to think of saving animals.  In Oregon we have both ground and tree squirrels, although they look much the same (however, ground squirrels play havoc with crops and yards; I remember this more from my childhood, when there were mounds on the school yard).


They look adorable.  They’re intelligent.  And over half have bubonic plague or a couple of other diseases.


They even often mate for life.   All you can safely do is observe; it’s dangerous to even feed them (and illegal for that reason).

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shapes have

passed and passed before me. (i am

not sure

if they were within my eye or out)

they bear

the faces of these daily

untouched strangers,

my neighbors…in my dreams

(these strange dreams)

they cannot hear me,

as i call them

nor pause their

ceaseless, unbearable pacing.

i sit encurled

about myself

watching, unsure

if i’m dreaming

or awake


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A Bit MisGuided MeThinks

[What quirky machine changed my script, ’cause I didn’t!]


–The problem with that nicely written article is a very big one.  Humans have practiced war assiduously for thousands of years.  Even our form of economy is aggressive in nature.  That’s not how you build an interstellar society.


They’d visit, and humans would use every means available to attack them.


Disbelieve me?  You never read s.f., then, or watch most movies.

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Deer With Skin and Blood on Their Antlers


The (male, of course) deer who have just gotten their new antlers have a bad itch and worse tempers.  Whoever posted this series knows little to nothing about nature.


This is also a reaffirmation.  The 2000 census showed over 90% of the (visible) population lived in cities.  From what I’ve seen since it’s over 95% now and has been since before the last census.

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A ‘Funny Picture’ that was of D-Con and its Effects (on Raccoons).



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age (4)

age (4)

The roses stood
without my window, now
bare of bloom, yet leaved, pleading
to sky for deliverance
from the coming
fatal frost.
I would paint them, yes,
tomorrow…and tomorrow
grew away.
Frost come, leaves fallen
three bare
reproaching fingers
jut upwards.
Time is short
before remembrance,
too, ceases.



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The Missing Piece

Lingual/societal adaption by means of forming definitions which, stored, also defines acceptable protocols.


*Lingually [stem; lingual; concept is adaption by means of language, particularly definitions]; my memory sez adaptation.

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