Deer With Skin and Blood on Their Antlers


The (male, of course) deer who have just gotten their new antlers have a bad itch and worse tempers.  Whoever posted this series knows little to nothing about nature.


This is also a reaffirmation.  The 2000 census showed over 90% of the (visible) population lived in cities.  From what I’ve seen since it’s over 95% now and has been since before the last census.

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A ‘Funny Picture’ that was of D-Con and its Effects (on Raccoons).



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age (4)

age (4)

The roses stood
without my window, now
bare of bloom, yet leaved, pleading
to sky for deliverance
from the coming
fatal frost.
I would paint them, yes,
tomorrow…and tomorrow
grew away.
Frost come, leaves fallen
three bare
reproaching fingers
jut upwards.
Time is short
before remembrance,
too, ceases.



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The Missing Piece

Lingual/societal adaption by means of forming definitions which, stored, also defines acceptable protocols.


*Lingually [stem; lingual; concept is adaption by means of language, particularly definitions]; my memory sez adaptation.

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isolate in a small place,
the woman
watches the world pass (framed
by the water-spotted window,
the smoke-stained curtains):
desiring, yet fearing

the fancied touch, the dream-held

so many advances refused! (though,
to be honest, often
she desired to answer,
yet could not…)
strange visions, unsayable thoughts
tongue numbed, lip
glued to lip…


o, and if only
for a way away, a path beyond…

still, lonely and afraid
she surveys
the alien, hostile world, safe
behind her window.

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waiting for Zarathustra, i
encounter only
illusive visions of a sometime,
never world.

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Forgotten Things


Only ONE example.  Isaac Aasimov, the “I, Robot” series.  Virtual assistants abound–from “A” to “Z” [elazny].  In fact, I seem to remember one of the Vance novels even had one.


The point is that assistants basically exist to cut down on traffic.  Unfortunately, that means a process of exclusion of data, and some of the data that is cut is meaningful. (“Infinite merely means one more than you can count.”)


At some point the process is irretrievably damaged.  [Any process involving value.]



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