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April 17, 2008 at 6:32 pm Leave a comment

I’ve come here from LiveJournal (http://oregonnerd.livejournal.com/ ) simply because I saw my friends’ entries had steadily declined until the end of last year, when they pretty well quit.  This is also going to record at least some of the travails associated with chasing a [theoretical:  proper usage is ‘hypothetical’ but current mis-usage has does a tad bit of modification to said proper] path of chasing a version and vision of reality.  Components ranged from the observation that most sociological studies take place from outside the group and are often based on what is termed “hearsay” if submitted by a ‘layman’  {Layman.  I love that.  It does directly indicate the religious nature of current science, which uses terms like ‘proof’.} to that of the error contained in the Identity Statement, which is commonly referred to as the Law of Identity.


And today’s main offering is merely a poem.

attempted knowledge

they just let me know
about you, today

you that half-willed whisper
of light and touch, reality
quite disputable:  mutations

of blurred visions, dreams’
ashed remnants
done to dust and breezeblown,
as i may soon follow

names that fetter,
names that bind;
stains on the sheets,
upon the walls.

and when they are gone
i suppose
nothing, nothing at all




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are you smart? who are they kidding??

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