Buddy, a tall tale

April 29, 2008 at 9:51 pm Leave a comment


He is somehow an evil cat. You can tell from the eyes, I think; yellow, baleful (and with odd flecks of tint behind the yellow, mostly green) with huge pupils. He sits staring at me now. Earlier, he gummed his dinner down…he has no teeth, you see. At least I don’t think he does. I mean, there was even an operation to take the last of the teeth out. It’s some sort of immune system screwup (not feline AIDS) that makes him drool a lot of the time, too. Since he can only do wet cat food, that’s a real winner. But that’s not evil, that’s just bad breath. Anyway, seems like a couple of months ago, Rose (my wife, sleeps in the other bedroom) started looking peaked sometimes, same time she’d bitch about Buddy snuggling up close around her neck. Didn’t see anything much except something like a weak attempt at a hickey, kind of slimy.

Might be about then I realized some mornings I felt unusually sluggish–no, weak’s the word. My head full of strange images, among them Buddy with teeth, and snuggled right up against my throat. That’s happened a lot recently, in fact. Well, until night before last; I guess I died last night. He is somehow an evil cat…I mean, it would be bad enough, just being a vampire. But a toothless vampire cat? it’s degrading.

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