MS Software sold without license (o mi god, what comes next)

May 7, 2008 at 3:51 pm Leave a comment

Microsoft opened a case recently alleging improperly licensed software was sold in the U.S.  That trackback is to a Register article.  The sources of the software were US, Canada, Egypt and the Netherlands with the actual alleged source being Arabian…there was an Egyptian governmental drive to improve software availability to the public, so apparently packages similar to the student packages legitimately offered in the U.S. (like Office for a fraction of the price through your higher school–if you’re a student)…were just sent to the U.S.  Counterfeit “genuine” stickers, startup passwords, the whole bit (Microsoft in that second trackback strongly warned me I should be sure to stick to genuine MS products).  A couple were purchased by MS investigators and installed and started properly.

My question is:  so, okay, the Egyptian packages were replaced.  With what?  There’s a vast feeling of something missing to the story thus far.  It does just hurt my heart to see how Microsoft’s losses affect the global economy, as well.


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