About Warez: DON’T

May 14, 2008 at 8:47 am Leave a comment

Some of you know what this is, and a lot don’t.  Anyone who was around during the first days of the net probably does.  It’s software and other stuff that can be downloaded illegally, if you can get past the traps.  You most likely would end up with malware (and not just one program) if you managed to do that.   Nearly certainly you’d turn your computer into a bot.  And best of all, you’d leave every footprint, fingerprint and any other extremely identifiable thing (like how you hit the keys on the keyboard, dig??) open, available…and if at all useful to someone who needed funds, used.  We haven’t even mentioned the legal ramifications yet.

Don’t go to warez.com and don’t advise friends to do so…and just as an amplification of this you can read this Register article.  “If it looks to be true, it is”, and that’s more true on the internet.


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A Note For Today On Judgment

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