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May 15, 2008 at 11:58 am 1 comment

Got Charter? I don’t mean cable tv, I mean internet.  If so, they’re taking advantage of some new algorithms that are around.  New.  Supposedly, anyway; they collect your browsing habits, make a behavioral analysis, and then give you ads directed at your preferences.  They do it with a cookie (they still work the same way as in the link, and XP still has the *.txt files).  Best of all, though, with Charter, is that if you use something like Spybot and wipe out the cookie Charter uses…to tell them not to use your internet-usage tracking.


Think about it.  That’s what the linked article said, that’s what I’m saying.  You not only opt out, you do it every time.  However, this should be the work-around:  locate the dam’ file and make it read-only (you do this by right-clicking on the file).  However, I’m not quite sure how you locate it.  The files I scanned had names.  My first instinct would be to run Spybot or something like it (Zone Alarm being another extremely good choice), get the cookie from charter, make the cookie.txt file read-only and go on from there.


The potential problem with the cookies is quite simply that they can be crafted to do more than merely store information on where you visit.  Right now I intent to try to find out from Qwest what its policy is in the matter (that’s who I use:  guess who I used to use and thankfully didn’t renew with).


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  • 1. charter cable tv  |  May 16, 2008 at 7:27 am

    […] anyway they collect your browsing habits, make a behavioral analysis, and then give you ads directed Charter: HD & DVR Subs Up 50 Percent The cable operator says it’s increasing ‘HD choices.’ […]


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