Definitions of Relevance and Sometimes Fatal Results

May 21, 2008 at 7:21 pm Leave a comment

That this may well be my sole post of the day is mostly prompted by a considerable rise in pain.  A compression fracture is when a vertebrae collapses somewhat.  According to the articles I read this can sometimes not be painful.  I have several collapsed vertebrae and suffer pain from other causes (mainly joint deterioration caused by a mis-set leg and the damaged cartilage and stuff from Ehlers-Danlos).  The temperature dropped from near a hundred a couple of days ago to around sixty today.  I had to go to the doctor and thus had to sit in a variety of seats not well designed for me.  Enough.  You get the idea.  The reason I mention it is this.  Okay; reading this is either unbearably boring or prompts the question “But how can you function if you have that high a pain level?”  Read a lot.  Think.  Watch television.  Think.  XXXX;  think.  The ‘think’ in between is more important than the subject matter, and it does mean think, although evidently that’s often a fearsome thought.


Okay.  The assumptions contained within this article are staggering.  I’m not pretending to have covered them exhaustively.  The definitions of the meaning of the results of the tests–as “proof” no less–are inexcusable.  In all probability there’s an experiential domain difference because of exposure that automatically invalidates the results.  The world of IM and mobile phones differs markedly from that of my childhood, and I’m not all that old (1953).  Interpretation of a social metasphere in terms of body language is inappropriate when compared to a verbal test.  The conclusion of the article is barely excusable, the wisdom bit, although Brunner’s geniuses who tended to take bits and pieces from various fields didn’t involve age at all.  My childhood was in the country at first, as well.


The final note, which should seem perfectly irrelevant to many, is this; Murphy’s Law in many cases can be stated much differently.  “The more you figure you know everything that matters about something, the more sure you can be the one thing you don’t know is going to sneak up and bite you on the ass.”


P.S.  Psychology is the one I actually have the degree in.

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