Distraction from Pain, and various thoughts

May 24, 2008 at 4:43 pm Leave a comment

I feel like an ass right now, on a number of levels. But then relevance and meaning are both very much matters of perspective. I particularly like the one about how it really isn’t bad because you’re learning from it, by the way. That inspired a true urge to kill (rather unfocussed, fortunately) many times. That was probably most inspired by those who managed to believe in all circumstances and despite all evidence to the contrary, all the while keeping their cheery motherfucking smile. Oops.

To those I’ve offended…you’ll get over it, or you won’t. I may not even know about it. To those bored by the whole thing (in combination with being faintly mystified) I give applause for proper attitude. Go back to sleep. One either constantly footnotes existence or simply lives it, apparently. The latter would seem less complicated. Where “reality” fits is another question, and I think first you have to know the language, roots and all. Certainly faith is the stuff of liars. To expect escape from a maze built over at least thousands of years within the span of a mortal lifespan would seem absurd. Bear in mind too that confinement to the maze–relinquishment of freedom–equally means freedom from the responsibility of perception and insight. Certainly value (even when it’s related to survival) is never intrinsic. We essentially react on the basis of taught representations and beliefs–icons and avatars, if you will–which define correct response. I suspect somewhere in there is buried the actual realization that reality and religion don’t have very many touching points–and that a lot more things should be called religion than we usually do.

I’ll post this to WordPress as well. And to all a merry good something, or something.


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Maybe the worst error in attributing cause Language, stability, definition of terms and determination of social reality (toward a nodal analysis of modal construction)

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