Language, stability, definition of terms and determination of social reality (toward a nodal analysis of modal construction)

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Okay, so today begins the attempt at 30 days.  It didn’t work.  I was going to explain the world in 30 days or something, but as I recall there were some valuable points and I’m at the house-cleaning point.  Justify yourself for a blog or else fly on over to the trash can.

Rose is angry because I joked “You should try living with yourself for 30 days.”

She not only gets angry, as I recall, she has problems on who’s going.  As in do I get kicked out.  I suppose it’s the time of the month; toward the first of it, rent just got paid so I should get kicked out.  Or something.

Presumably this is some sort of role-reversal bit.  It would rather go with her need to imitate me.  The indication seems to be that any “personal relationship” is either “fulfilling and makes one grow”–for both, mind you–or a weighted relationship with a limited number of modes of communication and by nature little in shared values.  That’s this culture’s model.

To confuse recollection with its representation is to ensure error.

In any relationship involving representation (which is necessary unless the “thought” is somehow the things themselves) [that is, a relationship involving an ordered set used to represent a set which is presemably ordered within the ordered set (the representative set)] there will exists relationships and almost certainly events–which don’t exist in the set being represented.

That is, you have to have a language of some sort to talk about the world.  The language has to have order–the purpose of the language is to communicate, which means a shared pattern.  This means that there are “interior” rules of the set used for representation–the language–that only have to do with it and the purpose it serves [presumably for a society but that’s yet another pathway along which to wander and not yet thanks].  It doesn’t have anything to do with the outside world, the thing ostensibly being represented.  It has to do with what is seen as necessity for communication and for the ability to perceive the real.

And let us say before closing that there are all sorts of rules involved.  Many of them are quite necessary.  Rules are after all what define a society, and the over-riding need for confirmed identity is the main support of society as we know it.

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