IE 8 (beta) and 1 unfortunate lack…

June 11, 2008 at 8:47 am Leave a comment

It’s not supported on WordPress.  I basically like the feel of it, although it often seems a poor emulation of Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox, also bearing the marks of a heavily rewritten program.  What I mean by that is poor software response time amended by greater processor speeds, like today’s operating systems.  Remember that I started on the precursor to modern DOS.  I was never a formal programmer.

–The IE 7 emulation does just fine.  Thought I’d added that…


IE 8 does have the new tabss/windows option.  The “new tab” option may disappear, forcing you to opt for a new window.  The overwhelming array of iconic options at the top of the browser has been slimmed considerably, which makes a more understandable feel, although like someone else I said I don’t like where they put the refresh button (right after the http address).


And it doesn’t…as of yesterday…work with the links on WordPress–the link options, that is.  Since that train of seizures, I don’t remember html well at all and I don’t feel particularly inclined to relearn it.  If I roll this back to IE 7, I may lose some programs.  I’m like thinkin’ about it, okay? dude.  Anyway.


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