The US and Britain in a Contest…but it’s NOT

June 17, 2008 at 7:58 am Leave a comment

what you think.  Remember those pesky arming devices we sent sort of aimlessly to Taiwan (instead of helicopter batteries…they’re so much alike, you know)?  Well, the Brits have been having fun with classified documents.  Oh, I forgot, that’s only the second set, only talking about ways to detect attempts to fund by cyber and other* fraud at this point, by Her Majesty’s Royal Whatever, and how the financial system can be manipulated.  They were only gone from Wednesday through Sunday, fortunately.  The first was an al Qaeda appraisal.  It was TS (Top Secret) for the US, UK, and Canada.  I can imagine it.  “We think they’re dangerous.”  The government wasn’t really pleased at the staffers leaving these things on the trains as handouts for some reason or other.


Top Secret=”the possession of this material by any hostile person or entity constitutes an immediate threat to the nation.”  Or something like that.

*Only money-laundering was mentioned, but one would assume that there would be all levels.  Behavioral monitoring would of course be quite effective (special spices, kinds of routes, haircuts, clothing, foods and of course especially meeting places) and would have been mentioned.  The thoroughness of mention of the latter is questionable since the US has yet again decided not to pursue this militarily.  Mainly this hales back to Heinlein’s point; how much power do you dare concentrate at any one point?


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