Safari Carpet-Bombing Exploit Announced as Fixed

June 20, 2008 at 4:52 pm Leave a comment

This has to do with an earlier rant against the Apple-for-Window products.  With the exception of Safari, they’re memory hogs, the reason I truly despise QuickTime and RealPlayer.  Well, one of them.  Anyway, there was a bit where unannounced in the background Safari would quietly download an executable to your desktop.  It’s been fixed, although as far as I can recall on the 18th it was a minor error that would cause no one any conceivable harm.  Ahem.  There are a couple of other things–one of which encompasses, don’t have sites on your trusted list because for one thing they may not be (even MSN isn’t immune).  Be paranoid.  If you understood this I’d advise skimming through that briefly.


And by the way, never just reply “yes” without thinking about it.  A measurable portion of computer infestations are avoidable if people read the message and think momentarily (“Did I ask to download a file?”).


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