This is indeed a different take: government, laws and protection

June 20, 2008 at 9:56 am Leave a comment

When I was a child just beginning to read adult literature in 1962 or -3 or so, it was estimated that it was impossible for an American (a citizen of The United States and all that, I mean) to go through a day without breaking at least one law.  A good example at that time was the “fifty-dollar” law.  It was meant to keep blacks out of the Rogue Valley.  Supposedly you had to have $50 in cash after dark, but it was only enforced on black people.  And it was a rarity for most people to have that much in cash.


The UK has recently changed its pornography laws.  I don’t have any particular “take” on pornography.  The change hasn’t as yet taken effect, and there are only ministerial statements, which are “basically worthless”, or government statements.  So a bunch of citizens decided to visit the well, carnal policemen might have to say on the matter.  Hey, they didn’t even know about it, much less that they’d be policing the erotic.


The point? how do you find out?  You can be doing something you think is legal and find out it isn’t–and “ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law”.  We certainly have the governments and laws.  As far as equal protection for the citizenry, anyone eager to argue that one step right on up.


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