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June 22, 2008 at 6:19 pm Leave a comment

This is stuff that only made it to my diary-of-sorts, which automatically means rather a high mortality rate.  At least until someone might find it long after the fact.  Whatever.  The meanings we perceive are first of all determined by frames of relevance–determinism by means of expression.  The kinds of things we are taught to consider our identity are at most fragments of its expression.  And civilization consists most of all in the successful maintenance of multiple personalities, after all.




to a beautiful woman


sketched in mid


for all to guess or see

i wonder which defines,


or beauty.




touched tongued and grooved

these surfaces meet

and to speak of resolution

is at end fruitless.


defining, we

most of all

define ourselves


[[I really think I’ve posted that before.  But then I don’t.  Certainly I’ve maundered a lot about the obvious subject recently.]]


i don’t know, really

if these words

should be lashed out

at all near


or simply leashed,


me in

a sullen-seeming




That last is a bit more cryptic, and then not.  Given that one defines oneself by expression (words, means of delivery, appearance), the succession of silence means…

–At least I’m no longer a criminal for being epileptic.  That really did irritate me, for some reason.  I know it shouldn’t have; it really didn’t make any difference.  I wouldn’t have driven in any case, and so on.  I’m also really, really glad that I don’t suffer from PTSD as badly as I did for the first few years after returning from Vietnam.  I was sane enough to just shrug and act as if I were on probation, keep my mouth pretty well shut and definitely stay out of trouble.  I did, and it’s over.


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