Strokeit (Further Confessions In the Life of a Download Junkie)

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It is true.  The download junkie part, I mean, although I finally quit.  It started in the days of transition from DOS to Windows, particularly that “Windows 3.11” bit.  Remember that in those days Windows really was just a “GUI” or Graphical User Interface; it essentially made things look better.  It might have made things easier to use for a lot of people.  God, I sound like a geek sometimes.


What I mean is first of all, you just had to make your own GUI or two.  Or fourteen.  What it amounted to first was (and I probably have this wrong) [ed. note=me:  he/I wasn’t] a simple way first to load autoexec.bat and config.sys.  The batch is drivers and config is, well, configurations.  It’s the background for your system.  What things look like to you as the user (for instance, this square display we’re all looking at is after all a sphere, although the way the display now interfaces with the system it’s much less evident).  How to connect to the internet.  How to figure out what that idiot at the keyboard wants (i.e. get it from all this wordy crap into some sort of binary).


That’s how it started.  It was easy to edit.  You didn’t have to worry, if you had the hardware to run it, you could run it.  No installation.   What I called DOS was actually MS-DOS, and I actually started with DOS, and the characters available to a teletype, and so forth.  I’m still drawing a blank on which is ASCII and which ANSI.  I’m also epileptic, and have at this point really no faith at all.  I’m not going to look it up again in the faith I won’t have any more seizures and forget yet again.


And then everything had to be made compatible with the two major operating systems, not DOS, and we started having to have loads of RAM, R/W storage and lightning-fast processors.  In the attempt to evade some of the expense, freeware became more available.  In the change I also lost the data base, word processor and image editor that I most liked.  Don’t ask me their names.


Strokeit lessens some of the irritations of Windows.  It’s also freeware.  Want to minimize your window? make a downward-slashing gesture with your mouse.


It works.  I’ve only used it for a couple of years, and it uses almost no RAM, never causes any problems, and has basically no learning-curve except you might end up making notes as to which  gesture does what in which program.  I’m also quite fond of the pen/tablet that I finally bought (for image manipulation); this particular tool fills in a gap I’ve never seen even approached before.


It’s free to individuals and institutions which are actually nonprofit.  As I recall its advertisement it’s extremely inexpensive–the advertisement to which I refer was an editorial probably in PC Mag and several years ago.  In particular the easy closing of programs and minimization of windows have made this little program indispensable to me over the years.

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