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June 24, 2008 at 2:56 pm Leave a comment

Looks like at least a fairly good one, although in a different mood I’d have been enraged by the first test results, I looked for “dog”.  That’s right, I didn’t tell you what I was talking about.  A search engine.  For videos.  The second one, for “eurythmics” (mind you I’m giving you exactly my input) came up with youtube annie lennox/eurythmics videos.  So looks like this one is at least a valuable additional tool.


The “stack” big reminds me of nothing more than a Windows drag-and-drop (particularly Power Desk, since I’m a devoted user and have been since the days of Windows 3.11 manipulable file displays disappeared and everything became much easier).  Well, much easier for everyone else.  I’m just stupid.  You can share stacks and it looks like you can store them with a profile.  I didn’t give this a close look, because to me this is just another search engine in a market with heavy competition.  First looks are promising, and we’ll see what’s going on a year from now.


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