Rose’s Old Computer (steps toward further backup protection)

June 24, 2008 at 2:22 pm Leave a comment

I bought it for her a couple of years; it’s a Northgate, now defunct.  Half a gig of RAM, never have looked at the processor speed.  It seemed decently fast when she first got it and slowed over time, although there was of course the crapware.  And of course she accepted it.  Just as I was once an obsessive downloader.  Her picture never appears because she won’t allow it.  Then again, I’m not all that fond of my own, so I can understand that easily.


I just installed SP3 on her old computer.  Seems like that fix has been out there for a while.  Mind you, I just fired it back up yesterday.  Because of space constraints, I had to have another keyboard, because non-USB keyboards just aren’t designed to be connected/disconnected while everything’s powered on.  Already had a USB “mouse” actually tablet.  Bear in mind that now–since I’ve gotten the software for the combination wireless keyboard/optical mouse installed on that computer–all I actually have to do is move one USB plug-in, from a hub to the Northgate computer.  Rose’s computer.  Whatever.  Defining reality nominatively is at best a dangerous thing, because names have so many assumptions inherent in them.


The main function of her old computer is simply a real backup.  I have an external hard drive; I now have an external computer where I can store stuff and that pretty well will be sans executables because I actually don’t expect to have to access the Internet from it.  That means it hides behind the router firewall (effectively anonymizing the IP among a small pool) and then behind the software firewall, first of all.  I want to get a bigger hard drive pretty soon and install it in her own computer.  It would in some ways be nice to just go ahead and Linux it; I’m nearly sure that Linux word processors can come up with documents with the necessary embedded codes for formatting.


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This recalls an earlier fondness for unforgivable puns. First take of the day…

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