This recalls an earlier fondness for unforgivable puns.

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improbably perfect

I do apologize.  More or less.


I see my notes seem to have been swallowed up.  It was at the side of Crater Lake Avenue, nearing Main Street–I’d probably look for a Safeway in the 97501 zip (97504?) at that intersection; heavy traffic and breezes.  Improbable.  I’m very fond of the Nikon Quick Shot (however it’s slaughtered spelled), even though I have basically no control over anything save placement.  If you tell me I’m old school I’ll scream and shoot myself.


Oh–one final note.  I was contemplating our (Oregonian, that is; since two and a half years old qualifies…right?) inventiveness with names.  We have this crater, see, with a lake.  Yeah.  Crater Lake.  I’m sure it took a cowboy all night to think that one up.  Gold Hill…well, I’m sure you’ll have to struggle on the origins of that.  Oh well.  Evidently there were a lot of men in this valley who were coordinated enough to get along with one thumb missing.  At least according to my information, there was no tribe of “Rogue” indians.


–the “visual pictures” bit is deliberate.  the meaning if any I give you as your task, young Jeddi, to ascribe


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