UFO files opened for HM…HM…Her Majesty’s Whatever. From. For.

June 25, 2008 at 1:29 pm Leave a comment

Anyway, although that Royal Presence’s hierarchy of power gleefully explains ” (Be warned though, the MoD says upfront that it has never found any solid evidence of aliens, secret American hypersonic stealth spyplanes or anything else good)” there will be a continuing (legal) leak of evidence here.


Oddly enough, although I had a Top Secret crypto clearance in the last years of the Vietnam war and worked for George Steele (as in admiral) in the comm shack I recall not one single mention of a UFO that wasn’t cleared.  I was there from January 1972 until August 1975.  I was a traffic checker, which means I saw a third of the traffic that wasn’t NIS during my tenure.


I haven’t as yet perused the archives.   They were brought to my notice by this game of aerial tag reported in Monday’s Reg.  A helicopter dodged a UFO coming straight at it and then gave dutiful chase.  I keep trying to feel excited about this.  There were a couple of UFO “proofs” that I had a chance to investigate that turned out to be unusual but perfectly explicable.  It’s conceivable that someday I’ll go into detail.


…And talk of the new religions.  Articles of faith abound, along with sacred protocols.  When established protocols–especially social protocols–quite working, experimentation would seem to be pretty much the only alternative.

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