ZDNet, take on Firefox vs. IE

June 25, 2008 at 5:22 pm Leave a comment

The headline pretty much covers it.  This is one current article, again.  Over the years, at least since Netscape’s demise, there has been unceasing coverage of some, of any, competitor to Internet Explorer.  I’ve never really heard of a competitor for the Apple/Mac market, though admittedly I’ve also never followed it closely.


Avant has amazed me since the first try, and continues to rather surprise me.  It surely didn’t on first acquaintance (I seem to remember it being touted as the production of a college student or two in their spare time, with no interest at all in sales, documentation or anything else).  This is version 11 and I couldn’t easily be more pleased.


Don’t get me wrong.  I like Firefox, just as I liked Mozilla.  The fact that Firefox requires Thunderbird for e-mail capabilities doesn’t particularly please me.  The idea of a web-based OS for everything related to the internet continues to intrigue me.  It seems there are a lot of possibilities there for making badware harder to to use.  Weed out the executables somewhere along the way…but then there are Power Point addicts.  And the like.  For me Active-X and the like are generally things that slow down site response.


I like IE 8 a lot better than anything since something like 5 or 6, although rendering is in fact back to hit-or-miss.  WordPress’ response was ‘it’s a beta and not supported’ which is quite reasonable.  The only current free browser I’ve seen that has anything in particular to commend and recommend it is Avant.  The only one to definitely avoid (if you’re running Windows) is Safari.



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