A handy tip on shortcuts; Pandora; Firefox vs. Avant, One actual source for motherboards plus CPUs in one purchase and OEM Windows software

June 26, 2008 at 4:45 pm Leave a comment

You can put one of those “http” addresses directly on your desktop as a shortcut, and your default browser will go right to that page.  That’s right, it will open it too (the browser, not something embarassing).   This also means that if you really like Pandora Radio like I do…you go up to that address bar, right click and choose copy, and go to the desktop and choose “paste” or if it gives you the option “paste shortcut” just to be creative and get that little arrow.  In some future class we may discuss getting rid of those pesky little arrows and other things but I don’t feel like it right now.  Incidentally, what I’m using Firefox for right now is listening to Pandora.  I already set up Outlook Express for an IMAP with Google and I’m incredibly lazy (I also very much subscribe to “If it works don’t fix it–stupid”), so I leave OE/IE as default and do actual browsing on Avant, which I’m just flat pleased with, just as with WordPress.  I don’t know why, but actual correct grammar crept in there.


Final note, I actually checked the site and Newegg is an actual place for purchasing (as mentioned above) motherboards with CPU’s (the very idea of doing this in separate purchases somehow makes my blood pressure rise; if anyone asks I’ll explain why) and for buying OEM Windows–Vista–software.  This latter is still valid by the rules as written.  That I’m building one computer instead of a thousand doesn’t vary my rights, though it will change the price I’m charged.  Which means the best Vista home system for under a hundred bucks, and as I said if I get some requests I’ll do a bit of research.  I haven’t seen a hard release date yet for the next version, although it’s pretty obvious Microsoft is playing its usual tricks at this point of hinting heavily but only hinting, and unattributably.  Realistically, if it’s produced in time for Christmas it’s pretty well guaranteed to have major flaws because of lack of time for testing on major changes, and because few if any of the vendors will have had any chance to  provide driver compatibility with the new OS.


It does look like it’s probably time to switch to Vista if your computer is capable of it.  Limited coverage is just that, and an OS is by nature integral.  I’m also considering doing Linux on the other drive.  However, I’m still contemplating a switch in boot drives that should have required a change in hard configuration as far as Master/Slave.  I think.  I doubt I’ll ever buy a computer for myself that I didn’t build.  Particularly since documentation can vary from flawless to basically non-existent.


Back to The Houses On Taylor Street, I think.  This looks possible to write, but there’s one absolute requirement.  I have to write it.  Talking about writing won’t do a dam’ thing.  Ah well.


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