Main Occupation For A Couple Of Days

June 27, 2008 at 4:32 pm Leave a comment

It’s maybe odd for a longtime geek, but then I kind of sharpened a knife first about ten years before I first saw a computer.  As in, I’ll be sharpening knives.


Fortunately, it looks like all of them are either new or previously sharpened by me before.  My edge is considerably wider (the distance from the edge of the knife, that is, to the end of where it’s been ground) than the factory’s, which leads to a number of virtues.  Not least of which is, the ordinary user can proceed to sharpen one of ‘my’ knives the ordinary way…and do no real damage to the actual edge.  I’m realizing while I write this how much of my knowledge lies exactly in how to do it, rather than being able to explain it.


It’s $50 for something like ten knives.  The two new ones will be a bit of a pain, particularly the Buck sheath-type.  Very tough metal and the way they grind the edge takes some real smoothing.  Then again I’ve now got actual functioning diamond tools with various surfaces, that actually work.  Bench-mounted motor driven grind stones are for lawnmower blades, by the way.  Basically.  If I get the VA settlement I’ll get the surgery done on my eyes so I get the short-range vision back.  As is in the shop/shed I have a light with magnifying glass and I take a pair of reading glasses, plus I can do the short range vision stuff–at a distance…and closer-range with a lot of light.  Whatever.  I can still do it or at least could last night.  I’ve already sighed and realized this means at least one serious cut.  My left hand is actually a web of scars.  In between I’ll keep writing the novel, picking up and posting tidbits, and awaiting my wife’s wrathful return.  And even if it isn’t the alliteration was cool.


Till next entry…



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