Phoning Home: Firefox and Thunderbird

June 27, 2008 at 6:18 pm Leave a comment

This is another recurrent issue in the IT world.  Actually, it’s in the mainstream market surrounding Internet enterprise in the form of advertising and sales.  In this case, Firefox (and Thunderbird since Firefox doesn’t include an e-mail client) contacts an IP belonging to “Mozilla”.  There’s a very little more information in the linked article.  This shouldn’t be much of a surprise.  It is free, and the obvious rejoinder is that it’s anonymous and seeing how well the browser works.


There’s also absolutely nothing I could find in any contract or anything and that was just, well, like absolutely mean.  Or something.  I did read everything resembling legal documentation that I could find and there wasn’t any coverage of it or anything like it at all.


If you get excited about that sort of thing and you currently use Firefox and/or Thunderbird, you might consider switching.  Or contacting the Mozilla guys, going to the forums, that sort of thing.  What with ISPs intermediating internet contact, and the government requirement actually revealed in the late 80s (major internet routers had to be provided with a back door for the government, which did not include the FBI–who nearly had perfected their file card system)–so what?  I think it was the mid-90s when it hit the news that the FBI was actually considering buying computers.  Who’d a thunk?


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