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June 28, 2008 at 11:09 pm Leave a comment

I’m pretty much doing this as I go, for a number of reasons.  Pretty soon I’m going to contact these guys and it would be nice to remember what I’m talking about.  Making entries in more than one style in more than one blog will help.  More than that, I can work on my own version of a presentation, which I’m just yawning toward right now.  Their tutorials are mind-numbingly dull, not least because they’re so careful not to blow their own horn.  Another is their poorly-hidden contempt for anyone who isn’t a programmer, preferably from their camp.


A big plus for Pogo is the ability to edit history and bookmarking fairly easily.  Plus there’s more cueing than just an uninformative web page title, which most if not all of us have encountered.  I’m beginning to think that without all the hemming and hawing and some cool icons, this is unlikely to disturb Zeus or even Jehovah.  It was the latter that was more crotchety, right?  Oh god.  It looks like I may have some Catholic storm troopers outside.  Time to use the pot part of my medication.


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