Love, Sex and Friendship

June 29, 2008 at 12:30 pm Leave a comment

No links here.  This is basically just an observation, and the first part of what I intend to spend the day on.

As far as someone who fits into the “desired other” category, there are only three relationships that I see possible.


In my experience, love is a real thing.  So are sex and friendship.


And…you can be friends with someone, and have sex with them.  You can love them and be friends, although that gets a bit iffy because of jealousy (however, a need for exclusivity is quite clearly part of the Anglo-american culture, not quite sure where or if the aussies fit in).  You can love someone and have sex with them, but that tends to be short-lived.  As far as friendship, love and sex fitting under one bumbershoot, I don’t think so.


Then again, given my family’s sordid history, it wouldn’t be surprising that since I’m not incestuous and a child molester I’m rather withdrawn.  


Besides, nothing like keeping readers guessing.


unfortunately the bit about the family is true.  Ick.  It’s why I changed my name from Smith back to Charles.

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