yahoo!, toolbar offers and auto-downloads

June 29, 2008 at 1:01 pm Leave a comment

I don’t like downloads that don’t notify me.  That’s even when I’ve chosen them from wherever they’re sent.  I want the layer of protection that means my browser/OS will let me know when a download may start and gives me the option to allow it or not.


I have chosen every **** thing to do that.  IE gets caught by GetRight (now with one exception).  Firefox at least polices its own downloads, so there is a dialogue, even if it’s not as I prefer with GetRight.


And yahoo! just sneaked right by GetRight on the toolbar installation bit.  I was notified here and there.  My real concern here is the expectable user in my experience.  I’m not talking about a business setting, or anywhere that security tends to be a primary concern.  In my opinion we’ve come full swing as far as banking services go:  sure, check your balance online.  I suppose.  Get a keylogger installed on your computer and they have full access.  Keyloggers are badware, and they are out there. 


Don’t do automatic payments, in my opinion.  Make it that much more of a pain for anyone to gain complete access.  As far as actual security goes, short of having a big USB drive that goes with you (and doesn’t go in the washing machine, mind)–which isn’t foolproof either–I don’t know.


I’d like to see people start bugging the makers of browsers for that one more layer on downloads–so that none of them occur automatically unless critical, and then they’re with notification.  And a critical download could actually be layered between executables so that the user would have to click a message indicating that said message was understood.  I’m not just paranoid, either, unfortunately.  I’ve heard too many third-party stories about ripoffs on the net.  I think most of my friends have learned to either do at least the minimal things necessary for security or just keep shut around me.


P.S.  The additions to the yahoo! toolbar seem okay.  I like Avant better than Firefox at this point, which I like better than IE.  However, all work okay.

P.P.S.  I’ve felt mildly guilty all these years over the computer I bought for my wife.  I had occasion to  boot up both at the same time this morning.  Hers was at least as fast.  I read something somewhere about Americans and Englishmen are the only ones who if they can’t find anything to feel guilty about…can feel guilty about that.  Not feeling guilty, I mean.

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