GoDaddy caught at it again

July 1, 2008 at 6:14 pm Leave a comment

These guys are one of the main sellers of domain names.  You know, the guys that have the girl with all the right curves revealed entrancingly? who have done really weird things at times with sites they have deemed salacious.  In this case, it’s a fake auction, which is illegal in Oregon I know.  Maybe if you have enough money you can get away with murder, or something.


One of the things I intend to do now that I know for sure I’m off probation is try to keep a running total of how it goes here.  Since I think the intention is foredoomed, here’s the statement that would lead to experimentation.  Generally, at least in Southern Oregon, crimes of violence and drug usage are treated less harshly than crimes involving property, especially property of the wealthy.


Realistically, it’s at least conceivably a viable solution, although similar to the mindsets and modal systems employed by some rather infamous figures.  It’s triage at its most transparent, its most visible.  Caught in the act–or a simple statement that the rules of the game have changed.


But that’s enough for today.  I don’t know what brought the minor sermon on.  Probably the habanero peppers last night.


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