Recession or Depression? It Adds to Loss–and in this case, Death

July 1, 2008 at 3:20 pm Leave a comment

This is only one story out of at least hundreds of thousands, and more likely millions.  That one of the people involved will die over this (she has to have oxygen, which costs) is also not unusual. 


The reporter who took the story sounds to me to have been skeptical.  I’m not.  An argument with the bank over charges is easy; it’s often resolved in the customer’s favor.  It’s not uncommon that the resolution is too late to do any good.  Take, for instance, the best example I know.  Wells Fargo.  Which charges a fee for being overdrawn every day or two.  Get a mortgage involved and a “slowing economy”?  Jobs are lost.  People don’t know what to do.


I expect to be saying a lot more about that the next couple of days:  I’ve mentioned it a couple of times.  People not knowing what to do, I mean, and what then happens.


Bridget’s story isn’t all that unusual.  A great many people, first of all, dance the line when it comes to the law.  A lot of the time they have no choice.  They live paycheck to paycheck.  They can probably stand the loss of one or two; that’s it.


What do I mean by “that’s it”?  Homeless.  Hopefully they have friends but that wears out soon.  Parents are short on money too.  The lower class (that is politely ignored as the distasteful thing it is until there’s money to be made from it) is just pretty well tapped out, and people are starting to die.


The headline on that article, although the reporter didn’t use it, is “deadline on payments? think again”.  And since I’m into short articles that’s it for this one.


P.S.  Full price on my anti-seizure pills is something like two grand a month.  If I have one more seizure, I most likely die.  “Paranoids have enemies too.”

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