The Black Hat Conference and a Memorable Hack

August 11, 2008 at 10:56 am Leave a comment

I wasn’t involved; the reporter who was I’m sure would verify that if pressed.  eWeek is one of the more respectable business publications, with information varying from ‘CIO-only’ to general interest.  The Black Hat Conference, held yearly in Las Vegas, is where security researchers meet and discuss issues.  I intend and expect to bring up some more news from this one, but this nearly tops them all.  Bear in mind that the demonstration did violate the rules of the conference and the ones who…got the eWeek reporter’s password from a hack…might face criminal charges.  I don’t know.  It would depend on how much of a sense of humor is involved.


It’s also a glaring demonstration of how vulnerable we all are.  I currently use the Avant Browser simply because it’s so easy to turn off most of the dangerous features.  Firefox 3.0 and Opera…9.5 (okay, my memory isn’t photographic any more), anyway the most recent [it is 9.5]; IE 8 is still in beta and has to be used on an IE7 emulation for a lot of things.  I will also cover the trick that was used to get Brian’s password.  He is an excellent reporter and an intelligent man.  I’ll have to put him down when I reach perfection.


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