A Fairly Hysterical Post…or How to Get Your Keyboard Back

August 12, 2008 at 7:54 pm Leave a comment

This guy was talking about Northgate computers.  I have a few comments on this.  First of all, it’s almost impossible these days to reprogram a keyboard to where it doesn’t work, unless it’s wireless (it was done in BIOS, which he had no excuse to touch–it literally had to be–and he could have gotten any plug-in keyboard for the port, unless he was the original gremlin, worse than me about being the ghost in the machine).  Secondly, that had to be obvious to anyone who has ever worked with computers.  I seem to remember being able to do things like that in the days before Windows.  And thirdly…the Northgate had a sector on its hard disk that was a last-option “Restore to Factory Operating System.”  So, it’s fairly funny.  Now.  He apparently read my post on the restoration of Rose’s computer.  I don’t know about that, because the time frame seems off…but then that’s what a search was apparently labeled.


If he has a mouse, he’s got it.  I don’t see how he could have been calling Northgate, though.  They are gone.  Anyway, the navigation is to “Phoenix” and then follow the yellow brick road, if all else fails.  The first thing to try is getting back into BIOS, but that’s usually DEL, F1, or TAB.  It actually sounds to me like he broke or unplugged the keyboard.  They were clunky at best, and had the touch of the ancient teletypes.


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