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“Web 2.0” to me means, basically, storing your information in vulnerable places.  Like on the net and it’s becoming an increasingly poor choice.  Especially since pilferage and theft flourish in times of economic unrest.  Yes, I believe that’s a quote…just don’t ask me who said it.  WordWeb is, like it or not, a manifestation of social networking–a tool which encourages such networking.  Social networking in turn encourages exploration of any nooks and crannies for exploitability.  If working as an accountant doesn’t work, you turn to begging (it’s an old Sherlock Holmes story, sorry)…and if that doesn’t work, to survive, you may find you try any number of things.  Assuming that someone you don’t know is honest–unless it’s a blog like this, referencing things I can’t change, with legit references as far as you want to check (like PC World, eWeek and so on)–is something I can’t encourage.  And frankly, I think any reader of mine should try to check the links I provide.  For the record, I’m not providing any hooks, and you can Google “oregonnerd” and find quite a bit of reference…


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