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Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared

It’s part of the Symantec (Norton) Internet protection center (pardon no caps) and supposedly vital to some experience.  Out of exasperation I was playing with the F8 key early and discovered a BIOS function I’d rather not have known about, which I think caused my problems.  I’m “using” Norton Save & Restore…and the critical files are on the external hard drive.  I don’t really even want to update them any more.  Vital documents just don’t go to C: drive.  So I (with CCleaner) deleted Save and Restore and the unmentionable update thing as well.  Symantec says it’s vital…but to actually recover…you put in the cd and play like you’re restoring.  At most you would have to install it, and most restores are actually done past that point. 


I did consider modifying the *.exe to *.txt (ccApp.exe->ccApp.txt) or any other kind of unobvious file name.  However, the Norton site gave a very strong impression that there’s a registry entry pointing to it; there was even something about removing it from Startup (or having had it removed therefrom) and due recommendations.

And the reason for all this…was because I had Norton Save & Restore installed at the same time as AVG Anti-Virus.


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