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August 19, 2008 at 10:51 pm Leave a comment

Here’s a bit of a discovery; habits accrued through a fair amount of experience working with operating systems have evidently served me wrong with XP.  I never even considered before that I might be actively harming my own cause by restarting nearly every time I did an install.  I’m still doing it on prompts–part of this is having figured out the timing on what I’m doing.  As I said in previous posts, I’ve been recovering from a chain of severe seizures that lasted (not straight through, although the series began with “…um…a lot…”) from August to late this January.  Just one wipes out some memories and–connections is the best word I can think of for it.  That was in respects crippling.  When I started this blog my typing speed was probably 30 wpm.  I typed at 73 wpm first year typing in high school, and averaged around 100 wpm professionally (depending, in latter days, on how acquainted the programmer was with user needs and how browbeaten by a chain of frustrated management).  20k strokes per hour on the old system.  Etc.


Anyway, don’t do the reboots (and especially the power-downs) without the prompt, except for installs off Windows Updates.  On those, really and truly, you should be doing the ‘advanced’ and every time it will show you the prompt when you choose to reboot of “turn off or don’t” turn it off.  The priority of the machine has long been suspect on those.  And yeah, it isn’t the machine.  Whatever. 



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