The ‘Bonsai Kitties’ and a Real Caveat

August 23, 2008 at 3:26 pm Leave a comment

Okay, so the whole thing was a parody.  However, the FBI investigated it.  Expect that there will be actual criminal charges coming out of this.  Remember that I’m a criminal for having a seizure while driving (and while taking the prescribed anti-convulsive medicine according to levels in my urine)–criminal mischief 2, to be exact; at least it was a misdemeanor.  This will come something along the lines of wasting our precious bureau’s time–and it can’t be the bureau’s fault–so the criminal intent will be in wasting peoples’ time.


The original reference was a PC World thing, but after reading a caveat about links I’m going to just omit linking.  Mike Masnick is right; the magazines and publishers out to protect their rights to make money have in some cases (like this) made it easier to just ignore them and go to the source.  Copyrights and patents and judicial proceedings:  perhaps we should just make it illegal to speak, write, or understand anything spoken or written. Then those publishers could protect their rights, by god.



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Incidental note: I highly recommend Western Digital On Closings (the last poem in “voices”)

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