Continuing Steps Toward Examination of Reality

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Interesting. Anyway. To continue on, all the formal human reasoning I’m familiar with is founded on the assumption of only yes/no. At best, an accurate representation would be yes/no/maybe, although “maybe” would actually be more definitive than desired. Again, we’re dealing with the matter of definition by either of two methods; inclusion or exclusion. Each has its dangers. If perceived relevance is to be governed by a limited timeframe (the common political timeframe—and like it or not, that’s not actually an insult, because in order to do good one must retain power) then the primary theme of definition will in fact tend to be exclusive. You “winnow out the chaff from the wheat”. However, the primary result in crucial situations often is the substitution of the actually petty for the real issues. Global warming is eventual in light of two things; the shortage of fuel and oil. I remember something about huge storms being likely as well; I dismissed them at the time as fantasy. I believe the source was RAND corp.


One result of the assumption of a series of yes/no decisions when some were more complex decisions made knowingly would be something like whosit’s “fan effect”. There are several obvious ongoing sources of inaccuracy, after all. The guard for the bottle’s cork decided on a protracted vacation some time ago, according to rumor.


Actually, no, I’m not drunk. It would be hard for me to be so. Fatal rather quickly, seizures and heart attacks and stuff like that.


What is happening is that I’m writing down in public the fruits of 40 years worth of thought, some of which could have been construed as sensitive and could in no wise now. By anyone sane. And if not, after having become criminal over being epileptic…whatever. Pity I can’t get drunk.


I do have more for tomorrow. Already written down. Might even manage to follow the whole thing or most of it through. Convoluted English or whatever there.


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I’ll end up updating the online copy, I guess.


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The biggest thing here is that it’s not necessarily fight/flight. It appears that with some creatures it is. An argument could be made that reptilian behavior is mostly instinctive. “Submission”–again a catch-all sort of phrase—is the third choice. One enters into a pattern of behavior which is ordered, and the order is lent by “society”, the existence of which is signified first of all by language. There is some evidence that language originated in the coordination of hunting. I don’t actually have an opinion on that. We do have strong evidence that the one instinctive behavior of humans and of most if not all mammals is modelling; copying the behavior of the nearest being perceived as similar and “identifying” with it—following it and trying to remain with it. There is a great deal of evidence that there is language—communication I should say—between animals which we don’t perceive; maybe we can’t. There’s also a great deal of evidence that there is communication between humans which isn’t “consciously” perceived. Part of the conscious/unconscious dichotomy is actually based on a necessary division in consciousness between lingual and personal. A “criminal” doesn’t share enough social consciousness, and this definition hasn’t changed for a very long time.


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Back to reality. It’s defined in terms of language not least because that allows the rules of transaction to be described. Language establishes proper protocols. It does this by allowing means of determination of value, by providing means of protecting social (organizational) stability, and so establishing the place of each within the given society. Note that this is an entirely finite procedure, and that it is not adapted to a changing environment or a changing population. It seems likely that the pyramidal model is adapted early-on simply to allow for quick decisions, especially militarily.


The kinds of tactics that are exhibited, especially those which are supposedly handed down, suggest that they were first developed during a time when resources were becoming steadily less plentiful, and when a great many people felt that something “humans” (or the ruling species; I would assume humanity for a number of reasons) had done had caused the situation. Essentially, they were fighting over dwindling resources but had reason to believe that whatever it was would stop short of total catastrophe.

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The reason I say this is because no doomsday tactics are used, although they seem to be a component of all the reasoning systems of which I’m aware. The prisoner and the guard have a sneaking admiration for each other, and the illiterate junkie watches cop shows. More than that, there are a thousand, a million little things that are actually commonly known (“common sense”) and discounted for just that reason. For some reason the scholastic discounts all he hasn’t learned with books and proper studies.

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I’m also doing maintenance on the computer: partially it’s merely glorying in the silence. Having turned off the air conditioner (it was doing its fanly duties, at 76 degrees F) all I can hear is the whir of a high speed fan. One one of the external hard drives, no less.


Anyway, there aren’t any tactics used or suggested for the present time that reflect complete despair. Even with the barbarian knocking at the door there’s time for a cup of tea and the reflection that time tends to level all. Meaning is far different to a mountain than to a man. Rather, there is a conservation of resources in that the outsider is progressively forced out. Changes in routines are feared. There’s a constant echo of “gods walked the earth” that yet makes me wonder. In humans there is an ongoing drive that I see to discriminate against the different. Partially this is survival both during the period of dwindling resources (which looks to have been a foreseen Ice Age) and when habits that were toward survival then (during the age of ice) aren’t so much now…unless the population spreads out. I see no evidence of instinct in humans other than that which is carried by language.


Differing languages are a quick way of distinguishing friend from foe, as are differing customs. There’s a lot of fear of change reflected in the religions we yet have, and a lot of concern about defining good and evil very carefully. It’s also pretty obvious that what power government has is granted (at least in the eyes of the religion) rather than inherent. Magic is present in every culture by various names (“miracle” is a much more accepted term in the Western pastiche of culture). Government begins in a pyramidal form; quicker decisions, winnowing of information, again. This actually leads to the separation—religion, government, and military.


To my eye there are a lot of signs that most current disciplines evolved under a regime of expansion. One absolute rule I derive from this is that the notion of this world—of any world—being in other than a state of flux is simply ridiculous. There is no stability. The ancient idea of Heaven sprang from a vision of a land of plenty which didn’t change.


Most of all and first of all, language is a set of protocols for defining and evaluating experience, and then reacting to it properly. That’s what it does. It does this by operating within a structure of similar beings who have learned it. Most of the people who use these protocols understand them poorly. Often, it is against their system of belief to examine such protocols and procedures for evaluating things. It may be a “sin”–against their system of [generally] non-judicial religious practices, or it may even be a crime (I can remember at least one where the penalty was death, although I can’t quite quote the where-and-when; middle East, seems like Afghanistan, scientist, genetics, mid-century and at the behest of the government no less). If the examination of the protocol should trespass upon the area also defined by nationalism, patriotism and all sorts of weird things could be dragged in.


06:22:07 AM

Ayn Rand and all sorts of weird things like Tom whosit could be dragged in at this point. There are protocols which are regarded as sacred, quite simply. To examine the sacrosanct is profanity.


It can be easily argued that religion just starts out right after language, or maybe at the same time. It reminds you of how to do things, and who you are in relation to the group. It gives you a reason to do things. With smaller groups, nothing like money would have to be involved, because for one thing survival would be chancy. The limits of such a group may well be defined by mobility, which in turn is defined by the size of the group and the relative “climate” of “their” area. There is also of course the relative density of population to be considered.


–The “Territorial Imperative”. This needs to be restated considerably. There are innumerable instances of cooperation between species and in fact between members of the same species if there is no shortage, and if of course the species type allows for anything other than intra-species aggression. To start with, we’re deaf, dumb, and blind. Most of the signals which pass between animals we can’t physically sense. The sorts of things that occur in consistent patterns at least suggest that such communication exists, from sounds to twitches and scents. That we’re centered so much on sight and that kind of ordering means all sorts of ancillary things that are quite problematic. One of the main sources of this guy’s hypothesis was in fact the Law of Identity, which in fact is the law that says something like any and all representations are true or something like that.


06:40:05 AM

And then methods of knowledge. I think it needs to be noted quite early here that the field of philosophy about the same time that the English language gets regularized into its very own Oxford legitimization…splits into various fields of knowledge. The love of knowledge, I suppose, acquires multiple personalities after becoming schizophrenic (due to peer pressure, no doubt). More seriously, this occurs at about the time the effect of the printing press begins to be generally felt, the pressure of the Black Death lessens extremely, overpopulation becomes a crisis in France and England, and all existent social structures seem rickety if not destined to fail momentarily.


06:49:30 AM

Universities and colleges are established once there is a means of producing manuscripts other than illumination. I’ve always wondered about the “little Renaissance” in Italy 800-900 A.D. Whence the books? But then there’s the question of time. Again. In any case it was shattered by the Black Plague. Figures alter; my guess is that two thirds of the population of Europe perished. At this point I can only find it interesting that it coincides with some major changes in weather.


The non-ecclesiastic ways of knowledge quickly establish their own tests of legitimacy. Bear in mind that the whole empirical model was established at first simply to get out of complications aroused by considerations of things at least unlikely to be physically existent, or to be sensed by humans. There are many matters which are only those of faith, and the tests would seem not to lie within the physical sphere. On the other hand, an arch which is constructed on the design of a prayerbook may well turn out to be structurally unsound. Mixtures can be tested, whereas the testing of prayers would seem chancy at best.


10:57:27 AM

One immediate problem here though is that of social structures, which by nature can’t be tested very well, first of all by the nature of language as we know it.

11:03:10 AM

Language incorporates the truth of perception, a theoretically shared perception. We do pretty well know there’s some variance from person to person. At one point what went on within a country’s borders was pretty much that country’s business, which definitely isn’t true any more. What seem to be the most deciding factors are the same ones that have governed the desirability of wars for years (maintenance of power, focusing discontent on those damned foreigners, that sort of thing) and the new kid on the block, media. Unfortunately that latter appears to be at the end of the whole thing a lot of noise. The driving factor is what will attract the passing attention of the average complete idiot. Unfortunately, they do pretty well, which means I guess that we’re all complete idiots.


If the Law of Identity isn’t true, then a unique representation is necessary for each and every object in any given set. The definition of a set is basically any possible perspective on perceived data. Falsity and truth are relative. A more accurate restatement is that language intrinsically isn’t true.


Language, at least as we’re using it here, is meant to convey information between “people”. This may include animals. It may include animals of different species communicating with each other variously. As humans use it, it intrinsically includes things like relative social stature. Some of these concepts don’t even enter the realm of truth outside society. Most human values are at least tertiary. That is, the values that we employ in day-to-day life only have to do with society. Things to do with survival, like providing heat or food directly, are impossible for most of the people in the U.S. (because of their location) and they don’t have the faintest idea of how to do them anyway.


Thus for most humans in a real way society is a shared delusion. One of the apparent meanings of catastrophic depressions is that that way of representing reality just doesn’t work terribly well. It’s also pretty obvious that humans are having a hard time learning that lesson. It does look like this kind of representation—money, economic representation—is necessary when your population reaches a certain level, and that at some point fairly soon after a lot of people either go crazy, or realize they’re crazy. Or possibly just admit they’re crazy I suppose.


Glenn/latest edition/addition and still not drunk (it still would be fatal), still not sleeping…sleeping…

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