How to Shop For a Computer

August 27, 2008 at 5:00 pm Leave a comment

This actually applies to a number of other subjects.  I’m in mid-process of installing and starting to use Ubuntu.  What this means in my case is that I’ve downloaded it and burnt it to a disc, I’ve read a couple of instruction manuals, and I’m going on to visits forums basically looking for common problems.


When I was shopping for a computer that I built myself, I looked for a CPU at least a year old (tech problems would have pretty well been solved), the motherboard, powersupply and case to go with it, and everything else pretty much followed from there.  The key here is type of memory, various speeds, and ability to connect.  [We’re assuming that anyone going on to build their own computer already realizes that things like hard drives, CD/DVD drives, monitors, keyboards, mice and suchlike are all necessary and don’t come with life or for that matter with motherboards.


If I were buying a Dell, I’d be looking at processor speeds (bearing in mind things like dual and quad core, and 32 vs 64 bit computing, which do make a great deal of difference), price, and ancillary features.  The real disadvantage to the out-of-the-box is that it’s just that; until the warranty’s over, you can’t get inside the case.  What you see is what you get (or of course you just invalidate the warranty).


In this case, I’m just preparing myself.  I ran a version of Linux sometime during the late 90s and the simple and single problem was that there weren’t enough available programs.  “Exotic” drivers were unavailable.  And so on.  There’s reason to switch now.  And of course it’s become just as flippin’ complicated as Windows.  The things that I could say about “GUI”s.  And not a one of them positive.


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