Freeware: a Couple of Essential Programs

August 30, 2008 at 3:22 pm Leave a comment

In the switch–gradual, at best–from Windows to Ubuntu, I found the absence of various programs to be the most troubling.  I may or may not be able to play Diablo II in Ubuntu–I can in Windows, so what?  The real core switch, though, would basically be in writing and getting information from the internet.  I gather that the usual person who surfs the net does things like look for celebrity news; the internet is a way to stay in contact with the ‘real’ world.  Maybe that would make these irrelevant.  For me, though, StrokeIt and GreenPrint are indispensable.  The latter became so on the first try.  StrokeIt (sorry, I goofed the first time and I’m lazy) sounded absolutely ridiculous, on first take; so much so I had to try it [guess what kind of review there was].  So what if you could minimize a window with a simple mouse gesture instead of all at once with [Win+D] or rather than travelling (sigh) that whole long distance up to the top right hand?  So what if you could close a window with a flick of the wrist?  Uh-huh.  Indeed.  So what.  I’ve even read comments by others concerning that being the chief reason to not be able to make the switch.  And no, the other programs using mouse gestures are entirely primitive by comparison in my experience thus far.


(sigh)–picture the “wizmo” sigh…if you do go there, make sure to visit the home page as well.

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