MSN AND “Jim Jubak”

September 17, 2008 at 5:11 pm Leave a comment

Jim Jubak is an idiot.  Sometimes he makes it to complete idiot.  Mind you, this is merely my opinion, as are his columns.  Note however that he doesn’t know how to remind readers of the fact that it’s only his opinion; he invariably presents what he has to say as truth, reality, and facts.  He doesn’t acknowledge that over a third of the U.S. lives paycheck to paycheck (when they can).  None of the National Enquirer MSN writers seem able to acknowledge inconvenient facts.  They’re at their best talking about Britney Spears.  In fact, Jim, I think I just found a new career for you.  Blaming what is the biggest class in the country for the mistakes of the upper class is typical of the upper class and their servitors–and Jim, you’re just not upper class.


Again, this is opinion.  I have never met the man.  However, I guarantee you I will dislike anyone who attempts to apply absolute rules to a relative world.


No, make that “hate”.  I almost sound like a Vietnam vet with PTSD.

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