Fatigue and Diet

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Parts of this article are absolutely correct according to family members (of mine:  no details, sorry).  Most people cannot do one meal a day, and the amount of sugar in the American diet has risen steadily since I was a child and reading the articles (so from 1961 on, or thereabouts).  I would like to mention that I have basically eaten one meal a day since I was a sophomore in high school…1969…and cut out lunch (so I could buy books with my lunch money, blush) in something like 1962.  I was 5′ 11 3/4″ until losing an inch from each leg, and I weigh 153 pounds today.  The most I’ve ever weighed is 195.


Fighting physical symptoms is fighting physical symptoms, whether pain or hunger.  However, many body types can do real damage to their body systems (including immune systems, oddly enough) by practicing my habits.  My point is that as a nation (a) we eat too much prepared food, which always includes too much sugar [read the damned label, magnifying glass or no] and (b) we eat too much.  A great deal of the appetite is spawned by viral television commercials, just as one of the attention-grabbers if the sound is up is the bloody background noise (you’ll find shouts and sirens quite common, for instance, right at threshhold point).


If you find yourself feeling a lot of hunger + fatigue, eat something simple.  Unlike the article, the best thing to eat is fruit; the kind of sugar contained there is a lot healthier (even in [unprocessed] sugar cane).  Chips and suchlike are very, very bad because of sodium levels.  One family member of mine for years would try not to eat breakfast and lunch and end up going home sick from school (as teacher), eat something and feel fine.  She learned to employ this as a habit, quite obviously; oddly enough, she preferred not to work; watch yourself for this sort of “behavioral” learning.


If you eat 3+ meals a day, all of them should be light.  Unless you’re exercising heavily, I believe this is generally around 2k calories a day max.  Final note:  walking is NOT exercise unless you’re breathing heavily at the end of it, and oddly enough it doesn’t exercise the upper body much.


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