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September 23, 2008 at 5:31 pm Leave a comment

That looks like about all of them.  I may do some scanning for neat freeware, but news sometimes just isn’t newsworthy.  Of course, I have the unfortunate disability of, I can’t believe in politicians.  It’s like when someone tells me he’s honest; I figure he’s a liar.  Reflexive action, one that served me well both as military dependent and sailor.

My actual writing project isn’t viewable via the Net.  Yeah, this is even a challenge; it’s unhackable.  Why? because even if you had full access to my computer, you wouldn’t have access to the writing.  Quite probably when I start typing it up it’s going to be on removable media.  That’s because most of the big publishing companies are still pretty stuffy about the Web and blogging/publication–see Mike Masnick and company at TechCrunch.  And if you could hack something that’s handwritten, you deserve absolute full access.  I admit it.  You’re one hell of a lot smarter than I am.


…After having written those tags…”anything appearing in this blog is merely personal opinion and cannot be construed in any way to be a factual statement (whatever that is).”

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I’m a little dubious about this one “Stand by your man…”

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