“Sandboxing” security

October 1, 2008 at 7:34 pm Leave a comment

Sandbox security is a whole family of products devoted to the concept of virtualization and some of the (at least potential) benefits.  If you have badware running on a virtual computer, then it should be contained; pull the plug (figuratively, hopefully), the emulated computer vanishes, and the badware along with it.  There is a family of security products out there (the linked article is to a PC World review and I’m using the name because this blog entry could be a temptation to a clickjacker) that attempts to do just that.  Zone Alarm Forcefield failed the test, incidentally; stick with the free version.  (Along with Spybot S & D, that makes a family of products that, well, used to make it and don’t.)  I’m coming up to my self-imposed limit, so…Sandboxie is the one product really well-recommended the way I read it.  The Adobe Flash (which has over the years been the baddie along with Active-X for the crooks to exploit) clipboard exploit was caught by none of them.  Keep your browsers and Operating Systems patched.

I’m also just going to throw this in.  There are some important patches coming up.  I will mention this in another post, but Opera does have an update out there and there is no auto-update feature.  Go to “Help” and “check for updates” and download the update ASAP if it finds one because it’s important.


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Web of Trust Adobe Flash clipboard exploit

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