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Did you get a Samsung Digital Picture Frame with an installation CD?  Is your computer acting a little oddly?  Go here for instructions on how to handle it.  As the comments below indicate, this is becoming more common (I’ve personally discovered so far 3 of the Sony DVD’s that Sony infected with rootkits, so that they couldn’t be played more than 3 times (discovered as I recall by Kaspersky); the third time just echoes the warning about copies endlessly.

Okay, so the rest of the story is worthwhile, but this brings up my own (echoed) question.  What, exactly, is cloud computing?? or, for that matter, Web 2.0.  Both have been used for everything from open source code to e-mails.  Hell, I’ll add a smiley and make this one Web 3.0.


And….FFAlert.dll.  There are a couple of profiles in here that I haven’t been fast enough to catch (next time I’ll try a screen print).  This hasn’t been identified for sure yet.  Haute Secure stops it, every time.


P.S.  If you hassle Sony enough they’ll finally mail you a form to (cost free) return the DVDs in question.  What exactly they’ll do after that is unclear.  I ended up being in contact with the salesforce (which latter is truly encouraging, mind).

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