php, *.php, php file type, or whatever you want to call it…

December 31, 2008 at 11:32 pm Leave a comment

In the process of trying to get Windows SP2 installed on the new computer, I got a *.php filetype that was supposed to be that Service Pack 2.  Problem is, the Service Packs for windows are *.exe files (xyz.exe not xyz.php).  I believe it was CNET.  At the time I was fighting a router and various other things and not really paying attention.  Word to the wise, for what it’s worth.  Or FWIW or whatever.


That is why I keep the “hide known file types” option turned off in the control panel; there are definitely times when you have to know what sort of file it is you’re looking at.  I’d known about *.php files because I was around when they became a threat; I confirmed my memory on the internet.  More interestingly, I recall this as a fairly old programming language in terms of exploits, so there do seem to be a lot of varying kinds of attacks on current browsers and operating systems.

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