Vista vs. XP

December 31, 2008 at 10:00 pm Leave a comment

A while ago I corrected myself about Vista.  It’s fairly decent once you turn off most of the (non-security) options.

Then I started trying to play some of the more advanced games I have.  The CPU wasn’t ideal.  My no-trade-name box had died, and I had a Dell dual-core 2 GHZ, Vista Home Ultimate (32-bit).   Damn’ thing didn’t want to play Need for Speed.  I went through quite a bit of correspondence with EA (Electronic Arts), to no avail; even edited the registry and suchlike.

A family I’m friends with, who barely speak English, just gave me a nearly new HP…with XP on it.  It has the usual half-gig of memory; I have 2 gigs ready to plug in.  I have the RW DVD-CD player to supplement the read-only one that’s in there (it does have a 3 1/2 inch floppy, which is nearly cool; hard to find something that reads those any more).  I have the extra hard drive.  Well, you get the idea.

Back to XP.  And if they don’t tonight (I already had to figure out connections, including to my LAN, without any manuals)…the games should play just fine tomorrow with the added RAM.

Vista is much better security-wise.  The recent threat on Samsung digital picture frames (they actually have pictures, too:  WTF?) was XP-only, and there are a number of other threats targeted at it specifically.  I don’t want Norton, so I have to download AVG.  And so forth.

…Even with a flat screen adjustable monitor.  At times, treating people like friends has truly good results.  I’ve been a friend to the Reyes family (including with the policia), and it’s worked out well.

Quite the quick boot time on the new computer, too.


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