Andre Norton

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I’m not going to link to anything.  I can’t say I was surprised when I looked.  After all, she was my first inspiration.  Certainly there were Wells and not least of all Mark Twain–Burroughs–the bloody Frenchman:  but even Aasimov and Heinlein somehow missed what she first managed to capture while within the spectacular; the believable.   Frodo isn’t human.  Lewis’ characters are the stiff-lipped sorts characteristic of those prone to puckering of orifices, the upper class British.  English.  United King…never mind.

Andre Norton was the first female science fiction of whom I’m aware who managed to unmistakably impress her femininity upon her writing while being more than competitive in a market where femininity was the first basis for discrimination.  I remember reading the “blurbs” on the backs of paperbacks and the hard-bound copies in the library for just one actual admission that she was indeed a she.

I thought of her because I am again re-reading C. J. Cherryh’s “Gates of Ivrel”, and once again re-read Norton’s introduction, and where she quietly wrote that she wished she could have written as well.  Indeed, she did.


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