Dell Inspiron and CD/DVD Loading

January 7, 2009 at 6:01 am Leave a comment

I can’t definitely say this was the cause of anything.  The slim-line Inspirons (I can’t recall anything else, but I didn’t look carefully [“Fair Witness” a la Heinlein and Stranger In a Strange Land]) load these fragile little discs sideways.  And I now have a game that won’t play.  I also put the Inspiron on its side, because there simply is a window of vulnerability in loading a disc if it’s sideways to the method of play.  I have yet to see a sideways CD player for a stereo.  This could of course simply be my own ignorance.

Anyway, Need For Speed Most Wanted no longer plays.  I went through about 20 hours of various contortions with support, mainly out of curiosity; no luck.

I have found the discs much easier to load with the desktop in a horizontal position; the footprint, oddly enough, isn’t that invasive simply because low-weight things like a USB hub and a receiver for wireless keyboard and mouse can be positioned atop.  No less, for the first time wiring is easily accessible.



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