Joe Wilcox and Advice for Microsoft

January 7, 2009 at 2:24 pm Leave a comment

Well, number one for me is strangle Joe, but that’s an old one.  He makes some fairly good points, although I actually fail to see what a Microsoft store is going to sell.  Windows’ great virtue is that it can run on a number of hardware/human interfaces.  That was exactly how it outdid Apple in my original estimation.

As far as ads go, Joe, for you to dare to downgrade someone on public presentations is tacky.  I mean, you’re even looking pudgy these days.  And I bet you’re younger than I am (I have less hair, anyway).  The SAAS (Software As A Service) bit is good, I suppose; it melds well with an operating system, which is after all a refined Graphical User Interface.  That’s Joe’s “software store” in the referenced article.

But please, Microsoft, most of all, just for me…strangle Joe.  Pension him.  Put him out to pasture.  Please.


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