Various Notes to Begin Thursday

January 8, 2009 at 6:44 am Leave a comment

1.  And here we thought those big names in business were honest.  Satyam (Indian–as in, from India) outsourcer’s chairman and founder Mr. Raju just admitted he faked the books.  At least that doesn’t go on in the U.S.  Turns out there was almost no profit in the company at all.  But feel sorry for him.  He was “riding the tiger”.

2.  Wearable OLED screen.  Yeah, pictures on your wrist.  For some reason this reminds me of a guy on our ship in 1973–very early 1973.  He had to have an LED watch.  (Check your books on this one.)  So he got one in Hong Kong.  Better part of a thousand dollars, and a couple of years later they were the cheapest thing on the market.

3.  Twitter phishing:  this is potentially very serious.  Again, don’t click on a link from someone you’re not absolutely positive you know.  This guy is actually an experiment, and Malware City is a good place to go for current (low-level) information.

4.  And poor Jungle Jane.  No wonder she has that frightened look (the picture’s toward the bottom of the page).  I’d think the perpetrator must have been really, really hard up.  I’ve heard of, well, having unnatural feelings for dolls–but come on, fella.  Fellas.  Whatever.



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This would take true enthusiasm… Yet Another Enemy

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