Security Error 6000 (XP) or 9000 (Vista)

January 16, 2009 at 2:20 am Leave a comment

Get Spyware Doctor.  I’d give you the link but I’m running the scan on both computers.  It’s the free/trial version.  At least that worked on Vista; I may end up having to purchase it to get rid of some Trojans (the XP computer came from someone else).  Both had the “backdoor” Trojan.  Norton caught the 6000 error on XP but couldn’t fix it.  On the XP machine I’m also looking at Adware.Zango_Search_assistant (only a bit over 1K), Trojan Virtumonde and Adware Morpheus.  I expect I’ll be removing Spyware Doctor from this (Vista) computer soon.  The backdoor thing was indeed a click-jacker trap.

I’ve been rather sick with the flu recently, thus very few posts.


Note that Spyware Doctor is trialware not freeware.

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cable and the worsening picture (with Charter, anyway) Spyware Doctor

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